Saturday , November 17 2018

The entire budget — to Bulk


How to equip Russia, everyone spoke, there was only start. And the main thing — why? And we must start with caring for the creation, enhancement, preservation and reasonable distribution of public goods. It is the benefit of the public — is composed from two sides. On the one hand …

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Without NATO


The timing of repair “Kuznetsov” after the accident, floating dock moved about a year and a half, now promise to pass it by the end of the 22nd year. That is four more, and more and more years Russia will live without a single aircraft carrier. Here is the first …

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In China found a well, littered with skulls


The well was filled with heads of prisonersIn the ancient city of Shima (China) found a pit, littered with skulls. The well is located near the stepped pyramid in the field. Analysis of skulls showed that part of the remains belongs to inhabitants of other cities. Scientists think that the …

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CCTV camera caught Ghost ringing the doorbell


Unusual video was made in Canada. A resident of Vaughan city in Ontario, Canada, saw on the surveillance camera translucent silhouette near the door. 46-year-old, Picascia Meni (Meni Pitoscia) was at home when her dog barked and ran to the front door, as if sensing suitable to the person’s home. …

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Facebook announced changes in Messenger


Facebook Messenger will get an interesting feature.Facebook Messenger can get the function of the analog Watch Party, which is a social network quite some time ago. Mention on this subject is found in the application code. Probably soon Messenger will allow you to share video with friends. But it is …

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Found a serious vulnerability new OnePlus 6T


The critical error relates to security. The story of the vulnerability of face recognition in 6 OnePlus learned nothing from the manufacturer. The new OnePlus 6T newly discovered problems with this feature. However, if the last time you unlock your smartphone you can use photos of the owner now to …

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Named the most active in the world of cyber threats


The most dangerous viruses on the Network.Manufacturer of solutions for information security, Check Point Software Technologies released a report on the world’s most active cyber threats Global Threat Index. Statistics for the end of October 2018 shows that cryptobinary remain the leaders of the rating, however, spyware Trojans remote access …

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Photospin “spotted” the new sedan, KIA


The sedan will start next year.In the Network appeared photos of the redesigned test “chetyrehdverki”, which in Korea is known as the index K7, and in other countries – like Cadenza. Premiere of the refreshed model will take place next year. Sedan K7/Cadenza of the second generation entered the market …

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The Network has shown an unusual tuning Mercedes G63 6X6


The most incredible Gelendvagen of all timeSix-wheeled G-wagon – the car itself is impressive. No wonder that even in Ukraine make copies of it. But one Arabic client and he seemed insufficiently exclusive. Especially for millionaire performed an unusual tuning Mercedes G63 6X6. Project details are kept secret, although he …

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