Theology Researcher Explores The Intersection of Faith and Government in Latest Release

“The Duty Is Ours” argues Christians have a responsibility to be active citizens in upholding founding principles of the U.S.

Political involvement is not something that can be left optional.”

— Mark Burrell

CINCINNATI, OHIO, USA, March 29, 2024 / — Mark Burrell, local author and church founder, is launching his second book that answers crucial questions for Christians in our modern era of government. “The Duty Is Ours” focuses, in particular, on inviting believers to learn about the biblical reasons they should get involved in their communities.

Burrell’s native Pennsylvania has a long and storied history of involvement in government, one that reaches back to the very inception of this country. The founding of the nation followed a biblical template, Burrell says, and the church took up the responsibility of being a pillar that carried them out. Studying the early days of the United States often falls in line with study of Christian principles–Burrell came upon the inspiration for his first book, “Rediscovering the American Covenant,” after researching the biblical justification behind the American Revolution.

But these days, much of history has been left in the rearview. As the church steps further and further away from taking a powerful stance in carrying forward the creeds of the Declaration of Independence, Burrell finds himself in a unique position to inspire Christians and give them the tools to be influences for good in their communities once more.

Burrell has dedicated his life to theological research, from founding churches to one-on-one mentoring with a pastor to teaching ministries. But more than anything, he has a curiosity about this topic in particular: where theology fits into our daily interactions with government.

“The Duty Is Ours” serves as a rallying cry for Christians, full of biblical text and references that back up its claim. “Political involvement is not something that can be left optional,” Burrell says. It’s a defining trait of Christianity and one that remains important today, as questions of government are more pervasive than ever.

For Pennsylvanians with pride in their state’s role in the country’s founding, Mark Burrell’s book is the ultimate reminder that the actions we take today are history tomorrow. “The Duty Is Ours” released earlier this week and is available on and everywhere books are sold. “The Duty Is Ours” is published by Ballast Books, a premier hybrid publisher providing quality author support from editing to marketing.

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