VirtoSoftware Unveils Enhanced Virto Calendar for Microsoft 365: Your Corporate Scheduling Powerhouse

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Apr 18, 2024

Introducing a sophisticated yet intuitive corporate calendar that merges various calendars—personal, work, group, or external—into a single view. Experience seamless project timelines, vacation planning, and corporate event coordination within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

VirtoSoftware, a pioneer in integrating corporate calendar solutions within digital ecosystems for over 15 years, is thrilled to announce the launch of its updated Virto Calendar App for Microsoft 365. This launch marks a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing enterprise productivity by providing a centralized, user-friendly scheduling tool that caters to today’s work environments. 

“In an era where remote work and complex project management have become a standard practice, having a reliable corporate calendar is crucial not just for planning but as the cornerstone of enterprise coordination,” states Sergi, CEO of VirtoSoftware. “The Virto Calendar App integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, becoming a key tool in the digital workplace for keeping teams in sync with minimal effort. Importantly, we always keep security at the forefront, adhering to Microsoft’s stringent security standards to ensure our users’ data is protected.” 

The latest version of the Virto Calendar App introduces a suite of features designed to optimize scheduling processes and foster team collaboration. Among these innovations are: 

Advanced Color Coding: This feature allows for the easy visualization of merged calendars, distinguishing between categories and sources with advanced color coding. 

Direct Meeting Join: Enhance your efficiency by joining Teams, Google, and Zoom meetings directly from your calendar. 

Custom Calendar Categories: Organize your Outlook calendars with custom categories for a more tailored scheduling experience. 

VirtoSoftware stands as a leader in providing cutting-edge solutions for digital workspaces, with a focus on maximizing productivity within enterprises. Recently, our Virto Calendar successfully underwent Microsoft Data Compliance, a testament to our commitment to security and efficiency. 

As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in digital workplace solutions, we invite businesses to experience the enhanced Virto Calendar App for Microsoft 365 firsthand. Start your 14-day trial today and discover how VirtoSoftware can transform your corporate scheduling into a powerhouse of coordination.

About VirtoSoftware: 

VirtoSoftware is a leading provider of enterprise-level software solutions, specializing in advanced project management tools for the Microsoft ecosystem, both online and on-premise solutions. With over 15 years of innovation, VirtoSoftware is dedicated to enhancing productivity and collaboration in the modern digital workplace. 

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