IPQS Takes Center Stage as Overall Sponsor of MRC Vegas 2024

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Mar 19, 2024

IPQS, the globally trusted fraud and cybersecurity platform, is proud to announce its role as the overall sponsor of MRC Vegas 2024. This sponsorship is a key milestone in the company’s growth, showcasing its remarkable ascent from a bootstrapped start-up to a key player in the fraud prevention vendor landscape.

“As the sponsor of MRC Vegas 2024, we are set to make an impact; not just through our innovative technology, but by also creating a truly memorable experience,” shares Dennis Weiss, CEO of IPQS. “We understand the seriousness of combating fraud, given its impact on global businesses, and have assembled a team that cares deeply about helping merchants tackle fraud, bots, and abuse in all its forms.”

The IPQS Story
The IPQS story is not one of a typical venture-backed expansion. It emerged from a personal passion for combating fraud, inspired by the CEO’s experience in running a business that was a major target for attacks. The IPQS technology, created by former NSA developers, leverages sophisticated algorithms to detect and mitigate risk and is powered by expansive proprietary datasets that provide the freshest view of risk signals.

“I believe you have to live through fraud to fight fraud effectively,” remarks Weiss. “I’ve run different businesses prior to IPQS, which showed me the harsh realities of fraud up close. This pushed me to play an active role in fraud prevention.” 

“We still run other retail businesses that give us the firsthand experience of a merchant. These websites also form part of our global honeypot network, designed to trap and observe emerging risk signals firsthand. This honeypot network is the biggest in the world, constantly checking for signs of fraud and adjusting to new threats every single day.”

IPQS Highlights at MRC Vegas ‘24 

  • Harnessing the Power of Data Analysis for Fraud Mitigation: IPQS joins forces with industry giants – Yahoo, Dell, and Akamai – to explore the impact of data analysis on intelligent fraud prevention strategies. (Tuesday, March 26, 1:45 p.m.) 
  • Exclusive ‘Fraud & Furious’ Party: This invite-only event at the Vegas Auto Gallery will provide an exhilarating mix of luxury cars and big beats. (Tuesday, March 26, 8 p.m.)
  • IPQS at Booth 415: Situated in the middle of the expo hall, booth 415 is your destination for IPQS product demos, free liquor, and complimentary massages.
  • IPQS and MRC 360 Photo Spinner: Capture a selfie and enter a social media contest using #IPQS360 and #MRCVegas24 on LinkedIn.

About IPQS:

IPQS is a trusted platform to combat fraud in all its forms, using accurate and timely risk intelligence, IP and device fingerprinting, and email and phone validation. More than 3,500 companies, including many Fortune 500 businesses, rely on IPQS for risk mitigation, enhanced deliverability, and reduced abuse.

To learn more about IPQS’s participation in MRC Vegas 2024 or to schedule an interview with Dennis Weiss, please contact [email protected]

Source: IPQS

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