The German LGBTQ+ app u2nite is on a mission to assert itself as a dominant force in the dating app market
The German LGBTQ+ app u2nite is on a mission to assert itself as a dominant force in the dating app market

Finding a relationship on today’s dating apps demands user trust in the security and handling of user data.

Image: Screenshots of the U2nite app's User Interface, showcasing a secure and user-friendly experience tailored for the gay, bi, and queer community.

The u2nite dating app has taken a disruptive approach to traditional dating app features, ensuring each element is developed with a paramount focus on security. The explicit goal is to eliminate any potential security vulnerabilities for users.

With robust data protection and features such as video chats, u2nite aims to dethrone major gay dating apps, challenging the dominance of key players.

MUNICH, GERMANY, January 6, 2024 / — Wildtrolls Ltd. & Co. KG, headquartered in Munich, is introducing u2nite, its latest product, to the gay dating app market. Recognizing the growing concerns surrounding data privacy with major foreign providers, u2nite aims to provide a neutral and reliable alternative. The app positions itself as a pragmatic solution, offering users a secure and privacy-focused experience with top-notch security features.

In recent years, various reports have highlighted data breaches in well-known dating apps, leading to concerns within the online dating landscape. Notably, a Norwegian consumer group revealed that intricate personal data, including location, age, gender, and sexual orientation, was shared by some dating platforms with numerous advertising partners. This revelation prompted the Scandinavian country to impose a million-dollar fine on a relevant American company.

These revelations prompt serious inquiries into data protection and privacy laws, particularly in the context of European data protection laws. Many apps in the market tend to improperly trade user data with third parties, exploiting user privacy for commercial gains. This issue could present challenges, particularly in regions where the acceptance of queer individuals is not assured.

No GPS-Tracking

The new app aims to address this concern: According to the parent company, the chat and video chat encryption on u2nite is the most secure available in the ‘chatting’ market today. The platform has been developed using the most innovative encryption and decentralized technologies to neutralize the risk of data leaks. It is emphasized that u2nite neither collects personal data nor tracks user location through GPS tracking. This ensures the highest protection and maximum security for users.

“We’ve subjected all conventional features of dating apps to a ‘disruptive’ approach. In developing our app features, our explicit goal was that none of these user features should have even the slightest security vulnerability for our users. Security is freedom,” says Ivar M. M. Våge, the founder and CEO of Wildtrolls.

The ‘Let’s Meet’ feature aims to make dating safer.

The ‘Let’s Meet’ feature is designed to enhance the safety of dating. It goes beyond mere location identification on the map—yes, you can be found on the map, but without GPS tracking. Engaging in chats with other users is permitted, but only with mutual consent. How can one ensure that the meeting place is 100% safe, especially in an unfamiliar city or area? These were challenges identified by the u2nite team, and they have been successfully addressed.

To contribute to a secure dating experience, the app incorporates an intelligent cell structure division of the world map. Users have the autonomy to decide where they want to appear. Furthermore, the integration of public geodata comes into play when users activate the ‘Let’s Meet’ function. The app automatically proposes a secure public meeting point, ideally positioned between both individuals, providing graphical guidance on the map.

Concerning chatting, the app takes a user-centric approach. It initiates a request to the chat partner, allowing them to decide whether to accept or decline the chat. This ensures that users have the opportunity to review the other person’s profile before engaging in conversation and maintain control over their interactions.

Video Chat: More Fun and More Security

Since the latest app update at the end of November, users now have the option to engage in live video chats. The Video Call feature not only adds a new dimension of enjoyment but also enhances security. A live conversation provides users with a genuine impression of the other person, facilitating a more informed decision on whether to pursue an in-person meeting.

With the growing demand for alternatives to current market leaders, u2nite positions itself, as per Wildtrolls, ‘as the ultimate choice for those who prioritize privacy and security in their dating app experience without compromising on functionality and fun.’ CEO Våge emphasizes, ‘And by the way – our infrastructure is hosted in Germany under German law and remains here. We don’t compromise on this security matter either.

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