Eqvista, Marking a Milestone as the First Profitable Cap Table Platform

Press Release

May 6, 2024

Eqvista, an undisputed leader in cap table management and valuation services, boasts one of the highest revenue run rates in the industry. As the only profitable cap table company, Eqvista is committed to providing startups with the best services and solutions for their business to drive growth from their cap table.

Eqvista is among the market’s leading cap table companies, with over 15,000 clients worldwide and a remarkable $50B AuA. Company offers a unique cap table management platform that stands out from its competitors due to its affordability, user-friendliness, and customizable features, making it the preferred choice for startups and established businesses for managing their cap tables. Eqvista’s vision is to empower enterprises with sophisticated software solutions that efficiently drive company shares and valuations, inspiring growth and success.

The company is experiencing tremendous growth, with four times as many inquiries as it did at the end of 2023. This remarkable progress inspires all those who strive for success. Eqvista, recently featured in prominent publications WSJ and Fortune Magazine, is a prime example of how they recognized the unique value and innovation that the company brings to the industry.

Eqvista has always been on a mission to revolutionize equity management for entrepreneurs. The company’s sophisticated equity management software solution aims to simplify the process and ease the burden on busy founders. The achievement of the first profitable company in valuation and cap table management highlights the company’s dedication to providing innovative and excellent services to entrepreneurs for all their equity-related needs.

In February 2024, the company proudly appraised $1.5 billion in client assets, showcasing its unwavering commitment to excellence and expertise in the industry. Furthermore, Eqvista’s partnership with Cheqly, a full-stack neo-bank platform, has allowed them to provide comprehensive financial solutions, expand their services, and reach a wider range of clients. Cheqly’s complete banking and financial services provide businesses with a one-stop solution for all their financial needs. The company’s Founder & CEO, Tomas Milar, announced Eqvista’s partnering with Cheqly to launch a venture debt service offering financing support to clients looking to expand their operations.

Eqvista has always been the go-to choice for cap table management and valuation services for both startups and large corporations. Whether you need tailor-made services or a package that fits your company’s needs, no matter what, Eqvista is a trusted place. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features such as 409A valuations, compliance support, growth and exit scenario modeling, and onboarding services for migrating from other platforms, Eqvista makes cap table management a breeze.

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