MedicusUnion Telemedicine Provides Healthcare Solutions For Patients And Doctors

Telemedicine platform designed to benefit both sides of healthcare delivery

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM , March 4, 2024 / — MedicusUnion Telemedicine, a healthcare platform that provides access to premier European doctors from any location globally, grants access to some of Europe’s top doctors anywhere in the world, is offering both patients and doctors alike modern solutions to the global problem of healthcare accessibility with a host of product features designed to grant doctors and patients the resources needed to provide and receive care. By harnessing advancements in telemedicine and digital health technologies, MedicusUnion Telemedicine facilitates an easier and more navigable healthcare platform for patients and allows doctors to effectively treat a broader and more diverse population.

For patients, these features include a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface that grants them the ability to access their health information with ease. Secure video calls and messaging allow for the safe and reliable delivery of mobile healthcare while ensuring the confidentiality of medical consultations. With the MedicusUnion Patient App, patients can schedule video consultations, receive and share medical documents, and connect with healthcare providers, all from anywhere in the world. MedicusUnion’s free translator feature allows for seamless communication between patients and physicians across multiple languages. Lastly, MedicusUnion provides transparent billing systems, allowing patients to receive digital invoices directly and utilize their seamless payment process.

For doctors, MedicusUnion Telemedicine is accessible anytime, anywhere in the world, and is hosted on AWS cloud with a 99.999% uptime guarantee, ensuring its reliability. The platform utilizes robust encryption for the purposes of data security, ensuring a safe environment for the sharing of private information and patient data. The Doctor App allows doctors to easily access patient records and medical data, manage their schedules effortlessly, and garner access to invaluable tools and resources designed to enhance their Telehealth practice. These tools include intelligent analytics on patient demographics, online consultation figures and revenue streams, access to MedicusUnion’s DICOM Viewer for the efficient visualization and interpretation of medical imaging, and flexible billing that allows doctors to conveniently create and send digital invoices directly via the doctor dashboard.

“MedicusUnion aims to be patient-centric as well as physician-centric. Our goal is to make sure we are easy to navigate for the patients, especially as we understand many patients are very anxious when speaking to doctors. In the same breath, we also want to be sure we have ease of use for the physicians so they can help each patient without distractions,” said Tovmas Khachyan, CEO of MedicusUnion Telemedicine. “We are aiming to help those around the world who have no or limited access to healthcare. Our goal is to provide healthcare equality for all.”

About MedicusUnion Telemedicine:

MedicusUnion Telemedicine is a platform for creating healthcare without borders. MedicusUnion offers European doctors an opportunity to make their medical services available to anyone in the world. These services include online consultation via video call, interpretation during consultations, and a secure exchange of medical data. With MedicusUnion Telemedicine, patients are able to receive competent advice on the treatment and prevention of diseases, regardless of where they are located in the world. For more information or to learn more, visit

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