Wednesday , December 19 2018

The price of oil fell below 41 dollars per barrel


The price for Brent crude during trading on London’s stock exchange fell by 2.6 per cent to 40.7 per barrel. Texas mark WTI fell by 3.2% to 40,16 dollars per barrel. This is according to the trading platform. Price reduction occurs on a background of growth of industrial stocks of …

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As a spat


Dove of peace Barack Obama visited Cuba and met with Cuban leader Raul Castro. Obama talked about freedom of Assembly and speech, and his colleagues met with various opposition figures. Raul Castro knows the price of American speeches and demonstrative behaved at the meeting. When Obama went straight for a …

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Investors choose Russia


Billionaire Jim Rogers, good double George Soros, continues to invest in Russia. This time he invested part of his fortune in Russian bonds. The investor said that he believes in the future of the ruble and in oil future American securities, according to him, are now so expensive that more …

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Goalkeepers Declaration of love to the gate and kiss the rod


How can psychologists explain strange behavior of soccer goalkeepers The famous Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon surprised many of his fans. First, the fact that set a record for the duration of the “dry” series in the national championship. 38-year-old goalkeeper, “Juventus” did not concede in over 974 minutes (over 10 …

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The real estate market promises a return to the “pyramids”


On the real estate market has entered the scheme of network marketing. It is reported in the press release the group of companies “geo development”, organized in its structure a unit where extensive brokerage network is created through the use of the principles of direct sales. “An ordinary broker network …

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