VFAF Veterans for Trump spoke at Georgia Freedom Caucus Rally with GA Senator Colton Moore
VFAF Veterans for Trump spoke at Georgia Freedom Caucus Rally with GA Senator Colton Moore

Attorney Jared Craig , VFAF GA State Chapter President , speaking at Freedom Rally

GA Senator Colton Moore and Rep Charlice Byrd at GA Freedom Rally

Mallory Staples Freedom Rally

Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump were invited to speak at the Georgia Freedom Caucus Rally September 7th 2023 said Stan Fitzgerald president.

Political persecution has no place in criminal justice.”

— Jared Craig attorney and former prosecutor

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA , September 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — From the press room of L-Strategies : The official press of Veterans for Trump

The Georgia Freedom Caucus director ,Mallory Staples , held a rally yesterday at the state capital in Atlanta which took place after Senator Colton Moore’s press conference on calling for a special session in Georgia to address Fani Willis.

Representing the national veteran’s organization was attorney Jared Craig , the Georgia State Chapter president of Veterans for America First, and president of Legacy PAC. Craig addressed the crowd of almost 200 motivating them to be vocal about government overreach and register people to vote.


VFAF has endorsed Senator Colton Moore and Mallory Staples is an ambassador with the organization.

The rally featured Senator Colton Moore , Mallory Staples , Jared Craig , Rep Charlice Byrd , GA Gop 1st Vice Chair Brian Pritchard and other high profile Georgia America First pundits. For more information on the Georgia Freedom Caucus follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/FreedomCaucusGA

VFAF boasts high profile board members and ambassadors with the organization: Admiral Charles Kubic (former Trump advisor) VFAF national spokesman, Tom Homan (former ICE director) advisory board, as well as Ambassadors J.R. Majewski (former Trump endorsed vet for Ohio) General Don Bolduc (former Trump endorsed vet for NH senate), Major Gerald Malloy (former Trump endorsed vet for VT Senate) Jared Craig (Legacy PAC President) Debbie Dooley (Tea Party Co-founder) , Harrison Floyd (Black Voices for Trump / Fulton GA Defendant) , Mallory Staples (Director Georgia Freedom Caucus) Caroline Jeffords (Fulton County GA Ballot audit litigation) ,Courtney Kramer (former Trump admin and legal team) ,Patrick Collis (VA VFAF state chapter president) ,Seth Keshel (national election integrity expert), Christopher Tremogle (Journalist Washington Examiner) , Pastor Mark Burns (Pastors for Trump), Lucretia Hughes (Real News with Lucretia) , Theresa Shen (Asians for Trump) and many more influencers. https://www.ksnt.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/654349691/ret-major-gerald-malloy-joins-vfaf-veterans-for-trump-as-ambassador-and-hints-at-2024-vt-senate-run/

The Veterans group is focusing on America First politics and is considered to have a powerful primary endorsement : https://fox59.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/645012264/the-powerful-primary-endorsement-from-veterans-for-trump-and-veterans-for-america-first/

VFAF Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump was invited as part of the grass roots campaign to Mar-A-Lago in November 2022 for Donald Trump’s announcement of his run for 47th president. The former president shared the endorsement of VFAF for his bid on the Truth Social Platform along with the article stating the organization was part of the campaign collation https://truthsocial.com/@realDon…/posts/109429493455546669

The Veterans group is partnered with Legacy PAC , a political action committee committed to preserving the Legacy of President Trump and promoting America First candidates. Stan Fitzgerald , Jared Craig , Mark Finchem , Kelli Ward and Martha Boneta Fain are on the Legacy PAC Team.


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Jared Craig speaks at Freedom Rally

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