Thousands of Migrants & Supporters to March in 16 Cities on Eve of Parliament’s Return For Equal Rights

Permanent resident status for all migrants will ensure a fair society and help everyone in Canada thrive

TORONTO, Sept. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The eve of Parliament’s return will be marked by a weekend of massive demonstrations and actions in 9 provinces calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to implement his promise of equality and fairness without delay. All migrants, including undocumented people, migrant workers, students, refugees and families, must have permanent resident status. These actions are coming shortly after the United Nations Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery called Canada’s temporary migration streams a “breeding ground” for exploitation.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of people in Canada suffer from poverty, fear, and exploitation simply because they are denied permanent resident status. Migrants care for parents and children, work in factories, keep our hospitals running, and build homes, but they are excluded from the same rights that others in Canada take for granted.

Comprehensive regularization will add at least billion of dollars to the public purse per year through contributions by employers who currently don’t pay taxes; improve overall health outcomes as hundreds of thousands of people will access primary care and not end up in emergency rooms; and end the downward pressure on wages and working conditions caused by employer exploitation of migrants. It will also allow migrants to lay down deeper roots, participate more fully in society, and gain labour mobility to fill jobs in industries and regions where workers are needed. Prime Minister Trudeau promised regularization for undocumented people and permanent resident status for migrant students and workers in December 2021, but no program has been implemented yet.

Migrant Rights Network Actions in 16 Cities & 9 Provinces

EDMONTON, AB: September 17, 1:00 PM, Alberta Legislature
Media Contact: Clarizze Truscott, Migrante Alberta, 780-716-5284

FREDERICTON, NB: September 16, 11am, 180 St John Street
Media Contact: Niger Saravia, Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, 506-251-7467

HALIFAX, NS: September 17, 4pm, MP Andy Fillmore’s office, 1888 Brunswick Street
Media Contact: Stacey Gomez, No one is illegal – Nova Scotia, (902) 329-9595

HAMILTON, ON: September 17, 1:30pm, MP Filomena Tassi’s Office, 1686 Main St W
Media Contact: Monika Dutt, Justice for Workers – Hamilton, 905-818-5978

KINGSTON, ON: September 17, 11am, MP Gerretsen’s office, 841 Princess Street
Media Contact: Sayyida Jaffer, Migrant Justice YGK, (613) 539-8594

LONDON, ON: September 17, 1pm, Victoria Park – North-West entrance
Media Contacts: Sam Kaplun, Democratic Socialists of Canada, (416) 312-2671; David Heap, People for Peace London, (519) 859-3579.

MONTREAL, QC: September 17, 2pm, Minister Millers’ office, 3175 Rue Saint-Jacques
Media Contact: Solidarity Across Borders, 514-809-0773

OTTAWA, ON: September 16, 11am, Parliament Hill
Media Contact: Emilio Rodriguez, Citizens for Public Justice, 343-996-4199

ST CATHARINES, ON: September 17, 2pm, MP Chris Bittle’s Office, 61 Geneva Street
Media Contact: David Tulloch, 905-380-6133, Justice for Workers – Niagara

ST JOHN’S, NL: September 24, 4pm, Harbourside Park
Media Contact: Adi Khaitan, Migrant Action Centre, 709-693-6032

SUDBURY, ON: September 17, 1pm, Memorial Park
Media Contact: Scott Florence, Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre, 705-470-3323

TORONTO, ON: September 17, 2pm, Bloor & Yonge
Media Contact: Rajean Hoilett, Migrant Right Network – Ontario, 289-923-3534

VANCOUVER, BC: September 17, 4pm, CBSA HQ, 300 West Georgia Street
Media Contact: Byron Cruz, Sanctuary Health Vancouver Collective (SH), (604) 315-7725, Julie Diesta, Vancouver Committee for Domestic Workers and Caregivers Rights (CDWCR), (778) 881-8345, WeiChun Kua, Migrant Students United at SFU, (778) 887-4936

VICTORIA, BC: September 17, 11am, BC Legislature
Media Contact: Pamela Charron, Worker Solidarity Network, 705-698-6380

WHITEHORSE, YT: September 15, 12-3pm, 308 Hanson St, Whitehorse
Media Contact: Jess Dorward, Yukon Status of Women Council, 867-332-5541

WINNIPEG: September 17, 3pm, City Hall
Media Contact: Damon, No One Is Illegal Treaty One, 431-293-6534


  • Migrant Rights Network’s proposal for a comprehensive regularization program that is uncapped, will grant permanent resident status (not temporary permits) and will not exclude anyone:
  • Every migrant-led organization in Canada, as well as over 500 civil society, labour and environmental organizations, support this proposal and are calling for full and permanent immigration status for all migrants in the country, as well as permanent resident status for all on arrival in future.
  • Over 33,000 people have sent messages to the Cabinet in support of permanent resident status for all:
  • These actions are endorsed by over 200 organizations including major labour bodies like Unifor and Ontario Federation of Labour; environmental groups like Climate Action Network and David Suzuki Foundation, faith bodies like the United Church of Canada and civil society groups like Oxfam Canada.

Cross-Country Media Contact:

Syed Hussan, Migrant Rights Network Secretariat, 416-453-3632, [email protected]

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