Texas Democratic Senatorial Candidate, Dr. Tracy Andrus Quickly Becoming the Democratic Frontrunner for the U. S. Senate

U. S. Senate Candidate

Rev. Dr. Tracy Andrus gaining momentum and support for his bid to become the first ex-felon elected to the U. S. Congress from the State of Texas

I Win – We Win”

— Tracy Andrus

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From Ex-Convict to U. S. Senator, Rev. Dr. Tracy Andrus Positioned to Pull Off the Biggest Upset in Texas Political History as he gains Momentum in His Quest to become the Next U.S. Senator from Texas.

Gloria Goldstein, American Pulse

Texas Democratic Senatorial Candidate, Rev. Dr. Tracy Andrus’ is picking up potential votes from every side of the aisle, including republicans and independents. In a recent random poll among 1200 registered Texan Voters throughout the state, Andrus poll numbers increased by 28%. Prior to announcing his campaign in East Texas five month ago, very few people had even heard of the name of Tracy Andrus, now he is securing endorsements from some of the largest PWIs and HBCUs in the state of Texas. Dr. Andrus is being invited to speak at many democratic functions throughout the state of Texas.

Dr. Andrus recently told a group of his supporters in Marshall, Waxahachie, Hillsboro and Dallas, Texas that he is not a politician, but a man on a mission to help fix a broken system. Prior to becoming the Director of Criminal Justice at Wiley College in 2006, Dr. Andrus spent three years in the Texas and Louisiana Department of Corrections for felony theft by check kiting and for theft of service. Upon his release from prison in 1994, he entered college and earned his associate and bachelor’s Degrees from La College in Pineville La, a master’s degree from the University of Louisiana Monroe, and in 2005, he became the first African American in the United States to earn a PhD in Juvenile Justice from Prairie View A&M University.

Dr. Tracy Andrus has gained support from college students, business owners, educators, parents, and people wanting to see real change. Tracy Andrus has promised to sponsor and support federal legislation that will expand pardoning powers to District Judges throughout Texas. Andrus said, Governor Greg Abbott has proved to the American Public and all Texans that pardons are no longer given to people based on rehabilitation, but are now granted based on political affiliations, who you know and what causes you support!

Andrus says that he supports comprehensive immigration reform. Congress, FEMA, Homeland Security, and ICE must work together to resolve these issues. We can no longer issue ITIN numbers to Hispanics and then complain that they are not here legally! We must give illegal aliens a clear pathway to citizenship! Putting buoys and razor wire in the Rio Grande is not the solution!

Andrus told a group of student supporters that he will sponsor and support legislation that makes it legal for all Texans who are not serving time in prison to vote. Texans should not be exploited and intimidated by republicans who make them believe that they cannot vote. Currently, people who are on probation or parole are ineligible to vote in the state of Texas. Dr. Andrus said this is crazy especially when you consider the fact that there are states like Vermont, Maine and Washington DC that never suspend the right to vote to any of their residents even if they are in prison.

Dr. Tracy Andrus said that this election will not be won by the candidate who has the most money, he believes that the people of Texas want change! Texans are tired of politics! Andrus believes that once people put his name with his face and his story, he will become the next U. S. Senator for the state of Texas!

In an interview with KLTV TV (FOX), Andrus said he is seeking this office to become the people’s Senator! Andrus says that he supports Roe Vs. Wade, specifically a women’s right to choose! Andrus said he will support and sponsor legislation that will continue to grant LGBTQ people the same rights as other Americans. Andrus has vowed to support and sponsor legislation that will remove thousands of unnecessary regulations that hurt small businesses. Andrus has made it clear to his supporters that he supports reparations, access to capital for small businesses, and equal pay for equal work! Andrus ended his message to his Dallas supporters by telling them when he wins – They will win also! For more information on Senatorial Candidate Tracy

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