Swedish Parliamentarians, with the Miller Center on Policing, to Visit with NJ Police to Learn Crime Fighting Strategies

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Swedish Law Makers Invited by Rutgers University Miller Center on Policing will Visit NJ State Police to Study and Adopt Unique Crime Fighting Techniques

Policing is under extreme social and political scrutiny while crime and gun violence have become facts of life. COP has rational and experienced ideas and methods to be part of bold solutions.”

— John Farmer

NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Miller Center on Policing and Community Resilience at Rutgers University is proud to announce the upcoming visit of a Swedish delegation to New Jersey and New York City on February 22nd, 2024. This visit aims to deepen the understanding of crime-fighting strategies and foster collaboration between Swedish policymakers and experts in the United States.

The Swedish delegation, comprising members of the Swedish Parliament responsible for justice, policing, and national security, will be led by the Chair of the Committee, Mr. Richard Jomshof of Sweden. The delegation’s interest in New Jersey specifically stems from a desire to learn about the methods and techniques deployed in the state, particularly in combating organized and gang-related crime and gun violence.

Paul Goldenberg, Chief Advisor to the Miller Center, said, “Crime issues and challenges to law enforcement have risen to crisis levels not only here in the U.S, but abroad too. We are appreciative and encouraged that our experience and skill in finding solutions are not only sought-after here but are recognized in Sweden. We believe we can help change the conversation and direction for better policing strategies, broader respect of law enforcement, and for law enforcement’s appreciation of equity and fairness and community input.”

Miller Center on Policing and Community Resilience Executive Director and former N.J. Attorney General, John Farmer, said, “Policing in the United States is under extreme social and political scrutiny while crime and gun violence have become frustrating, heavily debated facts of life. We at COP have rational and experienced ideas and methods and are proud to be able to work with law enforcement here and around the world to be part of bold solutions.”

The day’s agenda includes a visit to the Newark RTCC (Real Time Crime Center), where the delegation will receive briefings on crime gun intelligence. Following this, the delegation will head to the New Jersey State Police ROIC (Regional Operations Intelligence Center) for further briefings on crime-fighting strategies, programs, and RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).

The Miller Center has a longstanding partnership with the Swedish Police Authority and the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, working together to address various crime issues, including gun crime, gang violence, financial crime, and organized crime.

In preparation for the visit, the Miller Center has coordinated numerous exchanges between U.S. and Swedish law enforcement agencies, facilitated by experts from the New Jersey State Police, ATF, Metro DC PD, NYPD, and prosecutors from New York and New Jersey with experience in prosecuting organized crime cases under RICO.

Additionally, the delegation has requested insights into RICO and comparative legislation, which will be provided by RICO expert, Jill S. Mayer from Parker McKay, A.P., in the field during the visit.

About The Miller Center on Policing and Community Resilience
The Miller Center on Policing and Community Resilience, endowed by Rutgers alumnus Paul S. Miller and family, engages in education and public service focused on protecting vulnerable populations to enhance their safety and standing in society by improving their relationships with law enforcement, with other government agencies, and with other vulnerable communities. The Eagleton affiliated Center identifies and disseminates best practices, offers training workshops, consults on security and civil liberties, and undertakes research. The Center’s policing initiatives integrate research and evidence-based best practices into police operations, violence reduction, problem-solving, community policing, education, training, and the development of criminal justice policy and practice. These efforts and findings directly help public safety professionals/agencies and community organizations more effectively protect and serve their communities.

About The New Jersey State Police
The New Jersey State Police is a statewide law enforcement agency responsible for general police services, general highway and traffic enforcement, statewide investigation and intelligence services, emergency management, support for state and local law enforcement efforts, maintenance of criminal records, and identification and information services.

About Jill Mayer
Attorney Jill S. Mayer joined New Jersey’s Parker McCay P.A. in 2023 following a distinguished 26-year career with the New Jersey office of the Attorney General. Mayer spent 18 years as a Deputy Attorney General in the Gangs and Organized Crime and Racketeering Bureau, where she prosecuted hundreds of cases involving the illegal use of firearms, distribution of narcotics and narcotics trafficking, and robbery. She successfully prosecuted in excess of 15 cases charging Racketeering involving criminal street gangs, car theft rings, narcotics enterprises, and money laundering rings, as well as reviewed applications of prosecutors for wiretap and racketeering cases throughout the state. Mayer’s expertise in the field of RICO legislation and its application in combating organized crime will provide valuable insights to the Swedish delegation during their visit.

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