Sukhi Singh’s Campaign for New York City Council District 29

Sukhi Singh with his children

Setting a New Precedent in Public Service

QUEENS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2023/ — In the face of the approaching New York City Council District 29 race, Sukhjinder Singh Nijjar, popularly known as Sukhi Singh, is announcing his innovative campaign that transcends typical political norms, paving the way for a new era of public service.

Sukhi Singh, immigrated from Punjab, India at the age of 14 and has lived in Queens for 31 years, transforming it from his adopted homeland into a community he fervently advocates for and nurtures. More than just a politician, Singh is a dedicated father of three and a respected local business owner with a profound understanding of the community’s concerns.

Singh’s campaign is rooted in his lived experience, most notably the deep-seated inequities in the education system that his children faced. Recognizing these issues was the turning point that compelled him to step into the political arena and fight for the future generations.

Sukhi, endorsed by The Parent Party, understands that a quality education sets the foundation for a successful future. He will never compromise on our children’s education by always voting “NO” to ANY city budget that cuts funding for education.

Safety is also at the core of Sukhi’s agenda. He recognizes the urgent need to address hate crimes and violence that threaten our communities. Sukhi will fund educational programs that tackle these issues head-on, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive without fear.

Singh aims to tackle several pivotal issues in District 29, with housing security at the forefront. The escalating rents and redevelopment pressures pose a significant threat to the residents, something Singh intends to address by advocating for the expansion of rent stabilization laws.

Beyond housing, Singh understands that language barriers can significantly impact the accessibility of essential public services. His goal is to bridge this gap by providing full language access in government and state-funded institutions, making sure that no resident is left unsupported due to linguistic challenges.

But what truly sets Singh apart from traditional politicians is his unique commitment to give back. If elected, Singh pledges to retain only 50% of his annual City Council salary. The remaining 50% will be directly invested in the community to improve public education, enhance community safety, and support senior citizen care.

“This isn’t just a campaign, it’s a mission,” Singh says. “Our constituents deserve a representative who truly understands their struggles, who has lived through them. I am not just running for a seat, but for a better future for our children, our elderly, and everyone who calls Queens their home.”

Singh’s campaign underlines his belief that public service should extend beyond politics—it should be a genuine commitment to improve the lives of constituents. His pledge to invest half of his salary back into the community is a testament to his dedication.

“Sukhi” Singh Nijjar’s campaign for New York City Council District 29 is not just about him – it’s about ensuring that every resident has a seat at the table. Singh is inviting everyone to join him on this journey to reshape Queens into an inclusive and prosperous community that upholds the values of diversity, unity, and resilience.

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