Senate candidate Barry Lindemann finds common ground with Nevada Republicans

Nevada U.S. Senate Candidate Barry Lindemann

Former nonpartisan candidate Barry Lindemann enters the political fray in Nevada’s contentious GOP landscape.

Lindemann often defines rock solid solution for the problems our government creates.”

— Committe to elect Barry Lindemann

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2023/ — As Nevada lines up for another election, in which it could be the swing state for control of the U.S. Senate, most pundits look at the current Republican field of candidates and proclaim that the Senate will most likely remain in the hands of the Democrats. That thinking will be challenged now that Barry Lindemann moved from nonpartisan to the GOP and entered the Nevada race.

Barry’s campaign in 2022 was effective but short-lived as his constant pounding on the issue of water in Lake Mead resulted in The Department of Interior taking control of the administration of the Colorado River. It was a brief victory for Lindemann, but the election went to the Democrat and the administration of the river paralyzed behind Democrats’ lack of effort on the subject.

Lindemann provides conservative solutions for the economy, the border, crime, he ensures that social security and Medicare/Medicaid will not be reduce or eliminated, has earnest solutions for student loans, promotes the simple transfer of wealth (home equity) through straight-lined mortgage financing, and a preferred stance on women’s healthcare issues which doesn’t interfere with a woman’s choice. These campaign positions were well received in 2022 prompting a Democratic backed group in Washoe County Nevada to pit Lindemann against Adam Laxalt on a flyer and proclaimed Barry the “real” conservative with an environmental appreciation.

Lindemann often defines rock solid solution for the problems government creates. He doesn’t look like a political candidate, and he doesn’t sound like a political candidate. All of which Barry see as a positive, and he may just be the one candidate in Nevada that Democrats’ fear the most.

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