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Ethan and his Dad – Bernard WH Jennings

Bill #775

Biscayne Gardens Chamber Approved

Now there are laws to protect unwed fathers rights.

“The law the “Good Dad Act” is in full effect and has been upheld in several Florida family court cases over the past few weeks.”.”

— Dr hc Bernard Wh Jennings

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2023/ — Miami, Florida – We are thrilled to announce the introduction of the Good Dad Act, a groundbreaking bill that aims to put unwed fathers on equal footing with mothers and foster a more inclusive and balanced approach to parenting. This landmark legislation, officially known as House Bill #775, represents a significant step forward in ensuring that fathers are recognized, supported, and empowered in their crucial role within the family unit.

The Good Dad Act recognizes the invaluable contributions that fathers make to their children’s lives and seeks to eliminate the societal barriers that have historically hindered their involvement. By promoting gender equality and challenging outdated stereotypes, the bill aims to create a level playing field where both parents are afforded equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities.

Under the provisions of the Good Dad Act, fathers will have enhanced legal rights, including shared custody arrangements, decision-making authority, and visitation schedules that prioritize the best interests of the child. This legislation emphasizes the importance of co-parenting, encouraging fathers to actively participate in their children’s upbringing and fostering strong, nurturing relationships. Dr. Bernard Wh Jennings, a Florida Supreme Court Mediator who wrote the initial proposal leading to House Bill #775 said, “The law the “Good Dad Act” is in full effect and has been upheld in several Florida family court cases over the past few weeks.”. Unwed Fathers are being recognized as an important part of their children’s lives. There is a companion Bill House Bill #1301 “Parenting and Time-sharing of Minor Children”. HB#1301 removes the requirement that a party who demonstrates the alleged substantial and material change in circumstances which warrants modification of a parenting plan or time-sharing schedule, must also demonstrate that the change be unanticipated. A change can now be requested because it is just common sense to make the change.

Furthermore, the Good Dad Act addresses the pervasive gender bias often observed in family courts, ensuring that unwed fathers have equal access to legal representation and are granted fair and impartial treatment throughout custody disputes. The Biscayne Gardens Chamber of Commerce has established a Standing Committee – Good Dad Act Committee. The Committees goal is to pass similar legislation in every State across the United States and to help unwed fathers connect with their children. The Committee meets at 8pm every Tuesday night. The committee has been meeting for the past 4 weeks and has included unwed fathers and supporting women from across the United States. To attend the meeting send a request to: [email protected]. To learn more about and support the effort to pass similar legislation nationwide go to: and

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