President Bio Set to Break 50-Year Jinx with Sierra Leone’s Bid for a UN Security Council Seat

President Bio & Vice President Jalloh

President Bio Bids for UN Security Council Seat

The West African Country is bringing years of experience in managing post war reconstruction and religious harmony to the table

Under the astute leadership of President Julius Maada Bio, whose bold policies are helping to reposition the country, Sierra Leone successfully launched a bid last year for a non-permanent seat”

— Kandeh A. Kamara

FREE TOWN, SIERRA LEONE, June 5, 2023/ — In 1971 when Sierra Leone was first elected into the UN Security Council non-permanent category, the country was ten years old, having gained independence from Britain in 1961. 50-years after, the vibrant West African nation is set to make a defining return, but this time, with phenomenal experience, garnered over many years of quelling a war, contributing to international peace, and successfully managing an excellent post-war reconstruction process.

Under the astute leadership of President Julius Maada Bio, whose bold policies are helping to reposition the country, Sierra Leone successfully launched a bid last year for a non-permanent seat at the UNSC for the term 2024-20225.

The historic move is anchored on the theme: “Partnership, Multilateralism and Representative Approach to Sustained Global Peace and Security”. President Bio’s vision for the Security Council Seat is anchored on seven priorities which are: Partnership and representation in the maintenance of peace and security; Peace-making and peacebuilding; Human rights and accountability; Women and youth in peace and security; Terrorism and new threats to peace (climate change and human security); Small arms control and; Security Council reform.

A human capital development champion, President Bio seeks to prioritize the role of women and youth in pursuing global peace and security and recognizing climate change as a threat to global peace and security. The seven priorities are rooted in Sierra Leone’s firm commitment to international cooperation based on a multilateral rules-based order and a reformed UNSC providing equitable representation across all world regions.

According to President Bio, “Sierra Leone will use the seat to advocate for the youth and women in peace processes and peacekeeping operations, focusing on fighting terrorism, climate change and human security.”
He also maintained that Sierra Leone will deploy its experiences to “support small arms control, continue to canvass support for the common African position, affirm the need for a system which significantly leads to holding the principles, objectives and ideals of the UN Charter for a shared world and regional balance.”

In his words, “We believe that human right protection and promotion brings confidence in the democratic governance, bridges the societal divide, strengthens a sense of common value and shares humanity and promotes the peaceful resolution of conflict grounded in respect to the rights and dignities of all.”

Thanks to the phenomenal leadership of President Bio, the African Union (AU) and the West African regional bloc, ECOWAS has already endorsed Sierra Leone’s candidature for the election slated for this month.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof David Francis, stated, “The AU endorsement ensures that Sierra Leone is not competing with any other African Country for the three seats allocated to Africa in the Council. Hence a clean slate candidature is assured for Sierra Leone.”
President Bio, who recently won the African Leadership Person of the Year from the African Leadership Organization for his legacy-based leadership in Sierra Leone and pursuit of purposeful leadership across the African continent, has continued to attract attention from within and outside the continent.
The bid to serve in the UN Security Council in 2024-2025 is a testament to Sierra Leone’s resilience and the efficacy of multilateral cooperation in successfully delivering peace in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone is currently the coordinator of the African Union Committee of Ten Heads of State (C-10), promoting, canvassing and advocating for the common African Position on United Nations Security Council Reform.
For Sierra Leone, a UN Security Council seat will, among other things, help in the following ways:

A Catalyst for Regional Stability
The bid holds immense potential for fostering regional stability and security. The country’s active involvement in regional organizations, such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Mano River Union, has demonstrated its commitment to promoting peace and stability in the region. By securing a Security seat, Sierra Leone aims to leverage its position to address regional conflicts, advocate for conflict resolution, and strengthen regional cooperation.

Enhancing Sierra Leone’s Diplomatic Influence
A United Nations Security seat would significantly enhance Sierra Leone’s diplomatic influence and leverage. It would provide the country a platform to engage directly with global leaders, contribute to critical decision-making processes, and shape international policies. This enhanced influence can pave the way for increased foreign direct investment, expanded trade opportunities, and stronger diplomatic ties with nations across the globe.

Promoting Sustainable Development Goals
Sierra Leone’s bid for a United Nations Security seat aligns closely with its commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs serve as a blueprint for global development, encompassing critical areas such as poverty eradication, education, gender equality, and climate action. By securing a Security seat, Sierra Leone can actively advocate for integrating these goals into the global agenda and drive progress towards their achievement.

Addressing Emerging Security Challenges
As the world faces evolving security challenges, Sierra Leone’s bid for a United Nations Security seat comes at a crucial time. The country has first-hand experience in overcoming the devastating consequences of conflict and can bring valuable insights to the Security Council’s discussions. Sierra Leone aims to contribute constructively to global security strategies, tackle emerging threats such as terrorism, cyber warfare, and climate change-induced conflicts, and promote innovative peacekeeping and conflict resolution approaches.

Promoting African Perspectives and Priorities
Sierra Leone’s bid for a Security seat presents an opportunity to amplify African perspectives and priorities within the United Nations. As an African nation, Sierra Leone understands the unique challenges and opportunities the continent faces. It intends to champion African causes, advocate for increased representation and participation of African nations in decision-making processes, and ensure that the voices of African countries are heard and valued.

Like his other legacy-based leadership efforts, the push for the UN Security Council Seat will contribute towards advancing Sierra Leone’s role in global politics and contribution towards promoting Pan-Africanism on a global stage – two crucial priorities for President Julius Maada Bio.

Kandeh A. Kamara
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