Opinion poll finds increasingly positive image of the EU in Moldova

Moldovans have an increasingly good image of the European Union, pointing to good relations between their country and the EU, and trusting the EU more than at any time in the last eight years, according to the 2023 annual survey of opinion in the Republic of Moldova.

This latest survey was conducted in February 2023 and involved face-to-face interviews with a representative sample of 1,000 people across the country. The opinion polls have been carried out annually by the EU NEIGHBOURS EAST programme in Moldova and the five other countries of the Eastern Neighbourhood region since 2016.

Sixty-two per cent of Moldovans have a positive image of the EU (10 percentage points more than in 2016), compared to only 8% who have a negative image (down from 17% in 2016). And with Moldova receiving EU candidate status last year, 78% of respondents say their country has good relations with the EU, more than at any time since the surveys began.

The EU is more trusted (by 63% of those asked) than any other international institution.

The citizens of Moldova are very aware of the EU’s financial support to their country (81%), and the EU is considered the highest financial contributor (62%) to the country, well above all other foreign institutions or countries. Over half of Moldovans (54%) acknowledge the effectiveness of EU support.

Asked about the areas in which they would like to see greater EU support, 45% said economic development and trade, and 34% health care.

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