New EU-funded ‘Maestro’ application in Armenia makes classical music education more accessible

‘Maestro’, a new application to make learning classical music more attractive and enjoyable has been launched in Armenia, developed by professional musicians Lucy Bichakhchyan and Arus Nazaryan as part of the EU-funded Artbox programme.

“Traditional methods of music education can sometimes seem dry and unappealing. These methods discourage young people, and they lose interest in music over time. That is why, while developing the application, we strived to create a game through which people can easily connect with the history and basics of classical music,” say the app’s creators.

The ‘Artbox’ programme helped the musicians fully visualise their idea and turn it into a business, understand its shortcomings, and find the best possible solutions.

The app offers many opportunities to enhance the user’s musical knowledge, including conversations with famous musicians, interactive games, music theory lessons and ear training exercises. The app is designed for anyone who loves music and wants to learn more about it, from beginners to experienced musicians. It will soon be available for the visually and hearing impaired, with text-to-speech and closed captioning options.

The ‘Artbox’ programme was developed by ‘Creative Armenia’ and is implemented in Armenia with funding from the European Union and in cooperation with AGBU Armenia within the framework of the ‘Katapult’ creative acceleration programme.

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