Moldovan Parliament to consider renewables law aligned with EU norms

As early as September this year, the final version of the law on the use of renewable energy sources harmonised with the EU acquis may be submitted to the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova for approval.

This will be possible thanks to the efforts undertaken by the Energy Community Secretariat, co-chaired by the European Commission.

Under the EU4Energy programme funded by the EU, the Energy Community Secretariat in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Moldova, has organised a dedicated series of stakeholder consultations.

“The forthcoming adoption of the law is an important milestone in Moldova’s energy transition,” the Secretariat said in a press release. “The alignment of Moldova’s primary legislation on the use of energy from renewable sources is a crucial step in the country’s ambitious decarbonisation agenda.”

Funded by the European Union, the EU4Energy initiative is a collaborative effort between the Energy Community Secretariat, the Council of European Energy Regulators, and the International Energy Agency.

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