Mayor Eddie Sundquist Awarded the Global Distinguished Leadership Award, Medal of Honor by Ambassador Hugues Sanon
Mayor Eddie Sundquist Awarded the Global Distinguished Leadership Award, Medal of Honor by Ambassador Hugues Sanon

I reside here now, your challenges are mine, your concerns are mine, and priorities are mine, said Hugues Sanon as he Awarded Mayor Sundquist of Jamestown NY

I reside here now, your challenges are mine, your concerns are mine, your priorities are mine, now I will put my experience and expertise to help solve some of the problems of our cities and towns.”

— Ambassador Dr Hugues Sanon

JAMESTOWN , NEW YORK , USA , September 1, 2023/ — During the gala hosted by the chautauqua County Democratic Committee with Governor Kathy Hochul on August 24, 2023 at the Comedy Center in Jamestown NY, Global Peace Ambassador Hugues Sanon wowed the audience with his eloquence and words of praise towards Eddie Sundquist, and on behalf of COJEP International, he presented the Medal of Honor and “The Global Distinguished Leadership Award” to the Mayor of Jamestown, Eddie Sundquist, in the presence of three other fellow mayors, various Democratic elected officials, legislators and other leaders for his years of service to the community of Jamestown and beyond.

In a Comedy Center packed with Democratic leaders, Ambassador Hugues Sanon hailed Mayor Eddie Sundquist as an outstanding leader who cares about the people of Jamestown.

Governor Kathy Hochul who was the special guest, in her speech, she praised the work of Democrats in chautauqua County as she joked about some Republican candidates who have legal problems with the United States Justice, in reference to Donald Trump and probably former Governor Cuomo whom she replaced.

Other leaders who praised a job well done in their cities included the two terms Mayor of the city of DUNKIRK Willie Rosas and Mayor Eddie Sundquist of Jamestown, who praised is works and urged the audience to keep voting Democrats on the next election.

Global Peace Ambassador Hugues Sanon who was a special guest speaker and presenter of the Global Distinguished Leadership Award and medal of Honor to Mayor Eddie Sundquist said, “I am honored to have participated in this inspiring evening as a special guest to present two prestigious Awards to Mayor Eddie Sundquist; I also, have the opportunity to meet and engage with Governor Kathy Hochul, who, her dedication and commitment to our community in the state of New York and beyond are truly inspiring.

I also had great pleasure to greet and meet and connect with other local leaders and candidates, sharing ideas about the future of Chautauqua County”

“I m a resident of CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY now, your challenges are my challenges, your concerns are my concerns, your priorities are my priorities, and right now, we are all in this together: therefore, I will put time, my knowledge, my experience and expertise to help solve some of the problems our cities and towns in chautauqua County are facing right now, Said ambassador Hugues Sanon, the special envoy of international relations to United Nations for the council for Justice, Equality and Peace and Cojep International’s North America Coordinator

Also, after introducing himself to the attendees, and upon presenting the Awards to Mayor Eddie Sundquist, ambassador Sanon Stated, “Many people have been asking me why I chose Jamestown NY to be my new home, Well, today I am going to officially answer this question, “I chose Jamestown because Jamestown is open to cultural diversity, I chose Jamestown NY because Jamestown is open for employment opportunities, I chose Jamestown because Jamestown is open for business; “I chose Jamestown as my new home because two years ago I had the privilege of meeting one of the greatest leaders I have ever met before, he is wise, humble, he is intelligent; he left jamestown for a while to seek a better education and after getting the education he wanted, after getting the experience and expertise,he came back and put jamestown on the map as a city that promotes sustainability and that great leader is Mayor Eddie Sundquist.

That is why, on behalf of the Council for Justice, Equality and Peace, I am humbled and honored to present Mayor Eddie Sundquist with the Global Distinguished Leadership Award and Medal of Honor which is only awarded to powerful individuals who have impacted their community and the world.

Stan Lundine, former Mayor of Jamestown, US representative, Lieutenant Governor of NYS, Chairman Jeremy Zellner, Chair Marcia Johnson, Dunkirk, NY MAYOR Willie ROSAS, Mrs. Kate Wdowiasz

Mrs. Emmanuella Sanon, representative of COJEP at United Nations, Mr. Steve Hotz founder & CEO of LED ENERGY SOLUTIONS, Mr. Russ Gugino, business development, Cattaraugus County Democratic Committee Chair Frank Puglisi, also, six committee members represented Allegany County Democrats and others were also present at this inspiring fundraising gala honoring Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist and featuring governor Kathy Hochul.

In addition, Ambassador Sanon also presented this prestigious Award to Chautauqua County Executive, PJ Wendel, Mayor Willie Rosas and to the following police chiefs for their service to the Chautauqua County community: Chiefs of Police Timothy Jackson, Jamestown; William Ohnmeiss Jr., Ellicott; Christopher A. DePonceau, Lakewood and Busti; David Ortolano, Dunkirk; Robert Genther, Westfield; with New York State Police Captain Daniel Hollands, Chautauqua County Sheriff James Quattrone and Rev Mark Himman of Hillcrest Baptist Church.

During the international Convention of Africans in the Diaspora, ICAD, hosted in Brooklyn NY York, under the leadership of Bishop Charles Abban on August 19, 2023 on the theme: “The truth needs to be told, Ambassador Hugues Sanon presented the Global Distinguished Leadership Award to Bishop Dr. Charles Abban and to Lou Bernadi for impacting their community and the world through socio-political, economic, athletic, evangelical and humanitarian works.

On September 23, 2022 at the Westin New York Grand Central Hotel, during UNGA77 at FOWPAL’s Peace Bell Rings in New York, ambassador Hugues on behalf of COJEP International and the foundation for a Drug Free Day presented this prestigious Award to FOWPAL’s President Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, Dr. Bernard Fialcoff, president of FDFWA; Johnny Ford, founder and president of the World Conference of Mayors and Historic Black Towns and Settlements Alliance; Anthony Miranda, New York City Sheriff; Dr. Binod Verma, former president of New York State Academy of General Dentistry; Dr. Charles Olawole, president of the Pan African Unity Summit Group; Harlem Globetrotter Robert Richard, founder and executive director of youth Empowerment and Rev. Dr. Agorom Dike, founder of Africa and the Caribbean Through Faith-Based Partnerships and liaison to the White House. In Washington DC, he presented this prestigious Award to Mayor Cashenna A. Cross of Glenarden, Maryland;

Dr. Gloria Crosslin, Miss Virginia World 2022.

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Hugues Sanon honored Mayor Eddie Sundquist for outstanding service and great leadership at Democratic committee Gala with Governor Kathy Hochul in Jamestown

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