It’s a Cadet’s Tale by Brian George
It’s a Cadet’s Tale by Brian George

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This hilarious book is about the shenanigans of an Officer Cadet on his first trip to sea. An innocent lad from the leafy lanes of Surrey, during his first voyage from the grim docklands of London. Across the North Atlantic to the jungles of Panama and its canal. Then across to the Pacific Ocean to several ports in New Zealand, and home again. You don’t have to have been to sea to understand the mistakes made and awkwardness experienced by young Brian. Those same humorous experiences are relevant in any walk of life but here they are put in sharper focus against the background of rough seas, exotic places, rough bars and tough women. The mistakes made, the awkwardness displayed, the sense of fun and adventure, and the fear felt, must have been much the same for first trip seaman throughout the history of life aboard a Merchant Ship. This humorous book has some genuinely ‘laugh out loud’ moments and is written in a way that everyone can relate to.

There is a quote at the beginning of the book from Captain E.J. Smith, the captain of the Titanic. The quote highlights the fact that If one wants to go to sea as a profession, then one must engage and be prepared to live a life of extremes and always expect the unexpected. Going to sea for a living is not without danger. The sea can be a cruel and unforgiving place. The tragedies and the people involved should never be forgotten. But, the toughness, the resilience, the professionalism and in particular the sense of humour of the worlds merchant seaman is something that should be remembered forever.

RULE 1: Expect The Unexpected.

RULE 2: Learn rule one.


Brian George was born in Surrey in 1953. He had a good state education and passed enough exams to be accepted as a Navigating Cadet in the British Merchant Navy. He spent a year at the School of Navigation at Warsash Southampton before being assigned to the Blue Star Line Vessel “New Zealand Star” on a voyage to New Zealand. A twelve-year career at sea followed. Married for the second time, before coming ashore, raising two children and working for ten years in the Driving Tuition Industry, Brian then joined HMCG (Her Majesty Coast Guard) in the early nineteen nineties to become a watch officer stationed at the Maritime Rescue Centre in Liverpool England. He retired at 62 and spent several years living in Crete, returning to the UK in 2018 to help care for his elderly parents. He now lives in Norwich in England and Oslo in Norway, but also keeps his connections with Crete. He is now seventy years of age, but thanks to his, shall we say, active lifestyle, doesn’t feel a day over eighty-five!

You can watch Brian George’s TV interview with Logan Crawford on Spotlight TV Network through this link, Also, you may check his book on Amazon through this link,

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