IRF Roundtable Pakistan Condemn the Heinous Attacks on Churches and Christian Brethren

IRF Lahore Roundtable Leaders of all Faiths Communities

IRF Roundtable Karachi Leaders of all Faith Communities

International Religious Freedom Roundtable IRF, Pakistan Condemn Attacks on churches in Jaranwala and other colonies in Punjab, Pakistan.

International Religious Freedom (IRF) Pakistan is deeply disturbed by the recent wave of violence and attacks on churches in Pakistan, following accusations of blasphemy against Islam.

“We strongly condemn such acts of violence and the damage caused to the churches and homes of innocent Christian communities. As American Muslims, we believe in peaceful coexistence, religious tolerance, and respect for all faiths. Such attacks not only violate the principles of Islam but also undermine the fundamental human rights and religious freedom of minority communities. We stand in solidarity with the Christian community in Pakistan and express our sympathy to those affected by these acts of vandalism,” said Anila Ali, “words are not enough to express my shame and sorrow at this attack. Jaranwala is my maternal ancestral home and this mob attack has caused great grief to me personally.”

Furthermore, the IRF Pakistan members from Karachi to Peshawar express grave concern, as they work tirelessly to promote religious freedom and protect minority rights in Pakistan.

“The protection of Christian places of worship and their homes is the responsibilityty of every upstanding citizen of Pakistan and the Government of Pakistan,” said Imam Allama Muhammad Ahsan Siddiqui, co-chair, IRF Roundtable Karachi.

The IRF Pakistan members play a crucial role in ensuring justice, equality, and harmony among diverse religious communities in the country. We call upon the Pakistani government and relevant authorities to thoroughly investigate these incidents, bring the perpetrators to justice, and take immediate measures to safeguard the rights and security of religious minorities. We also urge the government to reform blasphemy laws to prevent their misuse and promote a more inclusive and tolerant society. We stand in support of all initiatives aiming to promote religious freedom and peaceful coexistence, both in Pakistan and around the world. It is our duty as global citizens to work hand in hand, irrespective of our religious backgrounds, to create a world where every individual can practice their faith freely and without fear of persecution or discrimination.

Anila Ali, along with other members of the Pakistani American community, also held a meeting with IRF Roundtable members from Lahore, at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago, to show solidarity with the Christian community and assure them of their support.

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