Indian Sikhs on the Verge of Destruction Under Modi’s Regime

Protest against Modi

Frequent Violations of Minority Rights Ensure that the Dictum “Modi Is India” is true.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, November 1, 2023 / — India, statistically believed to have the largest minority population by 2050, is reluctant to grant even basic human rights to the minorities. Minorities, especially Sikhs, are in perils in world’s largest democracy. Unfortunately, human rights conditions in India resemble those countries preparing for genocide. Violent demonstrations have frequently called for killing Sikhs and extremists proudly shared graphic activities on twitter burning and demolishing their homes. Modi’s government grants impunity to perpetrators who attack Dalits, Adivasis, Christians, Sikhs and other minority groups.

Sikhs in India are facing grave political, economic and social problems since Modi became the prime minister of India in 2014. Eating beef, love affair with a Hindu, posts on social media, selling vegetables, not standing for Indian National Anthem, driving and even the choice of wearing a dress are considered acts of extreme violations that trigger incidents of killings and riots. Threats of a “repeat of 1984” are frequently shared on social media to oppress the sentiment among the Sikh community. A frequently shared tweet stated, ““A tree had fallen in 1984 and the earth shook. He (Modi) is Mount Everest. There will be total devastation.” In fact, an increase of 90 percent in hate crimes is attributed to Modi’s regime since 2014, the year Modi became prime minister of India.

The culture of intimidation still prevails in India. Sikh’s businesses suffer financial setbacks during Hindu festivals. A right wing group is reported to have chanted the slogan “Khalistan Murdabad” which means “Death to Khalistan” outside a Sikh temple in Delhi. Owing to the stigmatized situation for Sikhs in India, a case study revealed that the rate of growth of Sikh population is on the decline in India, not only in Punjab but across India. This trend is very likely to continue in the coming years which are a sign of worry for a nation who calls itself as the largest democracy of the world.

Since its beginning, the Kartarpur Corridor has been the source of contention between Indian Government and the Sikh Community. The corridor suffered extended closure due to the reluctance of Modi government to deprive Sikhs of their fundamental rights. The issue of corona virus was baselessly raised which effectively deprived many Sikhs of the freedom to carry out their religious rites. Now in true Bharatiya Janata Party style hostility, the Narendra Modi-led government has issued an advisory for Sikhs and Hindu pilgrims coming to Pakistan directing them to desist staying as a guest of any Pakistani citizen. . Even apart from the current pilgrimage, typically, Sikhs and Hindus who come to Pakistan prefer visiting their ancestral hometowns with the permission of Pakistani authorities and to meet long-lost friends and family.

Regrettably, the justice system of India under Modi’s regime has always harmed the victims rather than the perpetrators. Hindu extremists go unpunished while the victims are pressurized by police and other tactics to withdraw their cases in favor of the perpetrators. Life for minorities in Modi’s India is a continued episode of rape, torture, abuse and hostility. The comity of nations need to open their eyes and take some solid measures to safeguard the minorities from the perpetual atrocities of Modi’s regime.

Marquise Zieme
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