How to become a freelancer and work remotely from Georgia? Online course for residents of Kvemo Kartli, Kakheti, and Guria
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The Centre for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG), with the support of the EU, invites those who wish to work remotely to register for a free online freelance training course.

The aim of the course is to introduce everyone to remote employment and freelancing opportunities, including specific platforms for freelancers; career paths in programming, graphic design, copywriting, digital marketing and social media management, as well as ways to learn about these professions, business communication and income management skills.

Anyone who meets the following criteria can participate:

  • 16 years and above;
  • living in Guria, Kvemo Kartli or Kakheti;
  • has a computer and internet connection;
  • speaks English  A2 level at least.

The course includes ten training sessions. If it is successfully completed, co-financing of another vocational course for the participant will be discussed.

The deadline for applications is 20 August 2023.

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