Heroic Education launching its semiconductor and state partnerships for world leading workforce development

Heroic Game Day

Heroic Education’s SEA program is selecting the first 4 states to put on the map as leaders in workforce development.

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Heroic Education has brought together key executives in education, business and sports (100’s of years of experience) to develop the industry’s first ever education system that is guaranteed to deliver reading, math and life skills proficiency – which attracts and builds the best families and the best companies.

Over the past 2.5 years in Ohio we have delivered proven results at the most critical point of education – preK-6. We are now expanding the platform into middle and high school.

The key principles of success are Scalability, Engagement and Accountability.

Scalability is made possible by the proper application of technology, starting with the device that is most used by students – the Chromebook, not requiring teacher or classroom time, and ending with the right implementation of AI to deliver a “mass customized” learning experience.

Engagement is all about using technology thru kid-driven, game-based learning to attract and engage the student with relevance.

Accountability is simply delivering the education industry’s first ever proficiency guarantee – “Students that spend at least 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week, completing Heroic Game Day missions WILL improve their scores on the state reading and math assessments to proficiency and above. If they don’t, we will coach them – at no cost – until they do.”

Using technology for good allows us to deliver what the students and their parents need, when they need it and where and how. The proper use of technology allows us to get the students attention, keep it and help them succeed academically and socially.

“We are partnering with leading technology companies, sports figures, schools, parents and states that want to lead and deliver the most innovative workforce development that will access government funds such as the CHIPS Act to deliver the most impactful public private partnership in the state.” states Anthony Schlegel (former OSU football player and coach of OSU and Jacksonville Jaguars)

“Ultimately it’s the families and businesses who are the customers of the education system.” States Dr Tom Reed (former Ohio teacher, principal, superintendent and ESC executive) “Its time for them to not only get a seat at the table, but to lead the discussion. We are ready to become real partners with our education providers. Heroic Education makes that happen.”

“Businesses will go where the labor pool is. Families will go where the quality of life is. A great education system covers both of those requirements as businesses and families are looking for a place to hang their hat. The Heroic Education system helps the state education system make that happen.” states Scott Dow (founder of Heroic Game Day).

“The U.S. education system fails to generate a sufficient number of graduates in STEM fields, including women and underrepresented minorities, and is poorly aligned with the needs of our industry. The U.S. must implement a national strategy — backed by appropriate investments and in consultation with education leaders and the private sector — to improve our educational system and increase the number of Americans graduating in STEM fields.” Semiconductor Industry Association – Policy Platform.

We are that national strategy for K-12 education – starting with our first 4 states.

About Heroic Education

Heroic Education, implements platforms such as Heroic Game Day, which is the leading kid-driven, game-based skills learning platform for K-6 students. We engage, scale and guarantee reading, math and life skills proficiency. We work with leading technology companies, sports figures, schools, parents and states that want to lead and deliver the most innovative and scalable workforce development in the country. We motivate kids and their parents to learn and apply the life skills of success, recognizing that kids learn best when they play. This delivers what the business and family community needs. www.heroiceducation.com

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