Heidi Kuhn Nominated for 2024 Nobel Peace Prize
Heidi Kuhn Nominated for 2024 Nobel Peace Prize

With an estimated 110 million landmines in over 60 countries, our work is far from over. This Nobel Peace Prize nomination strengthens our resolve to replace minefields with sustainable agriculture.”

— Heidi Kuhn, founder of Roots of Peace and 2023 World Food Prize laureate

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN, June 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF), an esteemed international non-governmental organization based in Baku, Azerbaijan, proudly announces the nomination of Heidi Kuhn, Founder of Roots of Peace, for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize. This honor celebrates her pioneering work in transforming deadly minefields into thriving vineyards and orchards, a mission encapsulated by the initiative “MINES TO VINES.” Through her relentless efforts, Kuhn has facilitated the planting of over seven million trees on formerly mined lands, profoundly impacting millions of farmers and families in war-torn regions around the globe.

The announcement was made by Mr. Umud Mirzayev, President of IEPF, during the International Mine Action Conference in Baku. This city holds historical significance as the former home of Alfred Nobel, whose invention of dynamite, initially a tool of destruction, has become instrumental in the detonation of landmines. “Alfred Nobel, who amassed his wealth through oil in Baku, ultimately dedicated his fortune to fostering peace through the Nobel Peace Prize,” remarked Mr. Mirzayev. “It is fitting to announce this nomination in Baku, where the same dynamite is now used to eliminate the remnants of conflict.”

In a landmark moment at the conference, Kuhn and Mirzayev formalized their commitment to the 18th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG): The Eradication of Landmines Worldwide. This goal underscores the critical need to clear landmines to achieve the existing 17 United Nations SDGs, recognizing that no progress can be made on a mine-infested land.

The IEPF, which has been functioning in Azerbaijan since 1992, works in five main activity areas: Media and Civil Society development, Refugees and IDPs issues, Community development, Peacemaking actions, Conflict Resolutions, and Education. The IEPF is a member of several international networks and programs, including the US Department of State Private Partnership Program, the International Press Institute (IPI), the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), the International Peace Bureau (IPB), and the Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED). Since 2014, the IEPF has held a General Consultative Status with the ECOSOC division of the United Nations.

The announcement was witnessed by representatives from the European Union, the United Nations, NATO, the European Commission, as well as Ambassadors and delegates from various countries and international NGOs.

Baku is also set to host the 2024 Climate Change Conference (COP29) from November 11th-24th, shortly before the Nobel Prize is awarded in Oslo, further highlighting its role as a hub for global discussions on sustainability and climate action.

Earlier this week, Kuhn visited the minefields of Karabagh, a region once celebrated for its high-quality grapes, now marred by an estimated 1.5 million landmines. Together, Kuhn and Mirzayev unveiled a pilot project to clear 100 hectares of land in Fuzuli, Karabagh, with the vision of restoring it to sustainable vineyards.

“Each landmine removed, each fruit tree planted, is a step towards feeding future generations and combating climate change,” stated Heidi Kuhn. “With an estimated 110 million landmines in over 60 countries and 30% of Ukraine contaminated, our work is far from over. This Nobel Peace Prize nomination strengthens our resolve to replace minefields with sustainable agriculture, ensuring a legacy of peace and prosperity for generations to come.”

The Nobel Peace Prize annually honors individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to peace, reducing armed conflicts, and promoting international fraternity. For more information, visit Roots of Peace.

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