Hamas’s Terrorist Attack Against Israel
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The organization strongly condemns the silence of many feminist organizations in the face of such atrocities in October the 7th.

LONDON, SOMERSET, ENGLAND, January 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — JusticeIsNow (London, ENGLAND) Announces New Podcast Series with a Focus on Confronting Sexual Violence

JusticeIsNow, an established non-profit championing justice and equality, is thrilled to unveil its inaugural podcast. The series lifts off with a hard-hitting first episode, “Confronting the Denial of Sexual Violence: Insight into Hamas’s Assault on Israel,” set to air on October 7th, 2021.

The initial episode takes on the critical issue of sexual violence, scrutinizing society’s troubling tendency to dismiss or deny such atrocities. JusticeIsNow stands in unwavering support of all individuals who have endured sexual violence and censures the reticence of certain feminist groups in recognizing these grave offenses.

Episode Highlights Include: Featured Voices: Co-Founder and Director of JusticeIsNow, Leonie Hodge, alongside Madeleine Black, a respected patron of the charity and author of “Unbroken,” a memoir detailing her experience of being gang-raped at the age of thirteen. Both Leonie and Madeleine share their indignation over the unfathomable spike in sexual violence incidents tied to the October 7th terrorist attacks and society’s response to these events.

– The episode questions why some feminist organizations have remained mute on such matters and explores the repercussions of this silence for both victims and survivors.

– It delves into the passion that drives figures like Leonie and Madeleine to persistently advocate and raise awareness about these crucial issues.

– The dialogue covers the ongoing minimization, denial, and trivialization of sexual violence, and how it persists undeterred.

– The concept of “Global Gaslighting” is introduced and examined.

Officially recognized by the Charity Commission (Charity number 1194627), JusticeIsNow aspires to:

– Educate the public regarding rape as a criminal offense, debunking myths and misconceptions surrounding rape to diminish its occurrence in society, and offer support to survivors.

– Collaborate closely with judicial systems to mitigate PTSD in complainants and maintain heightened rates of rape convictions.

– Transform the educational landscape for Barristers by incorporating relevant content on rape myths and advocacy conduct in law degrees/BPC.

– Persistently gather insight from Barristers on their perceptions, judgments, and suggested reforms for achieving equitable justice.

– Devise a code of conduct crafted by Barristers, aimed at reinforcing excellence and respect in the handling of sexual violence cases.

JusticeIsNow’s podcast emerges as a crucial platform for candid discussion and dissemination of knowledge. The series endeavors to not just illuminate the often overlooked aspects of sexual violence but also to initiate dialogue, to question societal understanding, and to spur actionable change. The powerful contributions of Leonie Hodge and Madeleine Black promise an in-depth exploration of the complexities of obtaining justice for sexual violence survivors.

Beyond the premiere episode, the podcast is poised to stimulate discourse and foster a deeper commitment to fighting for a legal system that is more responsive to the needs of victims of sexual violence. JusticeIsNow invites its audience to take part in this important conversation by tuning into the podcast across various platforms and getting involved with the organization’s efforts through their social media presences or their website.

Listeners should be reminded of the sensitive nature of the topics discussed in the podcast, which require a careful approach that honors the intricacies of both sexual violence and its interplay with acts of terrorism.

To listen to the podcasts they are available:

Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/justice-is-now-the-podcast/id1717625913

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/show/1Vy8P4NO3MOdNjhx7AZOHw

AMAZON: https://music.amazon.com/podcasts/36958b7b-2694-4e8c-9c4a-eecf5d6084de

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