Greenberg Considers Run for San Francisco Mayor, Launches Podcast

Richie Greenberg, San Francisco activist, columnist and political commentator.

Will focus on public safety, the city’s annual budget, rectifying the failures of current mayor London Breed.

Under Mayor London Breed, San Francisco is on an unsustainable trajectory. I’d be running not as a Republican, not as a Democrat, but as one of the hundreds of thousands of truly angry taxpayers.”

— Richie Greenberg

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, April 4, 2024 / — Political commentator, columnist and activist Richie Greenberg is now in meetings with advisors on the prospects of running for San Francisco mayor. He previously ran in the June 2018 special election to complete the term of late mayor Ed Lee, as one of eight candidates, along with London Breed, Mark Leno, Jane Kim and Angela Alioto. Though virtually unknown at the time, he received 22,399 votes overall in Ranked Choice Voting.

WEBSITE- In anticipation, Greenberg has today launched a podcast to highlight what he would do as mayor, to discuss his proposals at length, appropriately named,

GREENBERG QUOTE: “San Francisco is on an unsustainable trajectory. My campaign would focus acutely on securing our city focused on public and tourists’ safety; reversing the effects of the past progressive district attorney; slashing the $14.6 billion budget; prioritizing funding SFPD and Sheriff’s Dept; protecting what dwindling retail shops and restaurants we have left; banning safe injection sites; banning unconstitutional money giveaways. I’d be running not as a Republican, not as a Democrat, but as one of the hundreds of thousands of truly angry taxpayers. Countless San Franciscans have been talking to me over the last six years about the increasingly dire and declining state of the city, saddling the next generation with crushing debt. I’ve formulated an immediate action plan, including executive directives, legal actions, commission closings, firings and ballot measure propositions – many taking effect on day one – a slew of proposals and solutions which will make law-abiding, hard-working San Franciscans very happy, yet promises to upend the City Hall status quo as well. I will stand up for our taxpayers, our shop owners, our tourists. Business as usual attitude must end.”

ACTIVISM- Greenberg has been active in nearly every election cycle since 2018, as official opponent on several ballot propositions including 2020 Prop G Teen Voting. He co-authored a Restrictions on Navigation Centers ballot measure, terminated due to Covid lockdowns. He was the founder of the movement in 2021 to recall disgraced District Attorney Chesa Boudin. He is a staunch critic of the unconstitutional San Francisco Reparations Plan.

COMMENTATOR- Greenberg is a frequent guest contributor on Fox News channel and has appeared on San Francisco’s KPIX, and numerous TV, radio programs and podcasts locally and nationally, giving commentary on the state of the city.

The deadline for mayoral candidates to file is this June 11th.


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