Graphic Novel Dealing With U.S. Border Crisis Becomes Number One Selling Comic
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Private American Cover Art by Richard Bonk

Helicopter approaching mansion

Private American page by Richard Bonk

Variant cover by Steve Rude

Legendary Marvel Comics writer’s own creation tops the sales chart of comics crowdfunding website

LAREDO, TEXAS, USA, September 5, 2023/ — As more and more Texas cities declare states of emergency over the border crisis, one comicbook is bringing attention to the ongoing crisis to a whole new audience via a 72-page, full-color graphic novel inspired by the underreported criminal activity that occurs on a daily basis along Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas’s southern borders. But while the subject matter isn’t at all common among the superhero comic genre, the tale will appear somewhat familiar to long time comics fans, and for good reason.

Mike Baron, an Eisner Award-winning comic writer who has found incredible success with his series of indie comics, rose to fame decades ago as the first writer of THE PUNISHER series at Marvel Comics. After over five years on that title, he went on to write The Flash for DC Comics, several Star Wars titles for Dark Horse Comics, and hundreds of other comic, cementing his reputation as a talented author of thrillers, science fiction, and even comedy. His latest comic creation is a vigilante hero very similar to the Punisher which he calls ‘PRIVATE AMERICAN.’ The new comic follows a former Green Beret who decides to strike back at the criminal cartels and human traffickers operating along the southern border after one of his friends is killed in the crossfire. Frustrated by the government’s tepid response, the character decides to take matters into his own hands.

The comic is standard fare vigilante revenge tale, similar in many ways to films like “Death Wish” or “Rambo: Last Blood,” but this story is elevated to wry political theater through the deft writing of the two-time Eisner-winner, along with the exceptional artistic talent of Richard Bonk, a well-known illustrator for publishers like Image Comics, American Mythology, and Dark Horse Comics.

Baron admits that the name “PRIVATE AMERICAN” is a riff on the moniker of Captain America, the classic, star-spangled nationalist superhero who has been reinterpreted in recent years at Marvel Comics as a hero that’s grown ashamed of his country and instead embraces a globalist approach to crime fighting. Baron’s PRIVATE AMERICAN is a much more pro-American, pulp take along similar themes.

The concept seems to have struck a chord with readers as the graphic novel rests comfortably at the top of a new comicbook crowdfunding website called Fund My Comic, which was launched earlier this year. The website works much like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but its focus is geared towards comicbooks and has attracted a lot of independent creators, as well as many established comic creators.

“I’m really happy with the response Private American has been getting over on,” said Baron. “It’s great to see the support of my fans as well as my fellow creators. I’m just shocked that we’ve managed to remain at to the top of their sales charts for so long!”

Apparently an old-school, violent and gritty, genre comic is what old-school comic readers have been hungry for.

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