George Burciaga Elevates the US Mayoral Roundtable at The Experiencia Puerto Rico Conference

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Tech Visionary George Burciaga Elevates the U.S. Mayoral Roundtable at Experiencia Puerto Rico Conference

we have the potential to drive innovation, effect change, and create a lasting impact on our cities”

— George Burciaga, Managing Partner of the US Roundtable

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2023/ — The Experiencia Puerto Rico Conference, organized by Mickey Espada, witnessed a significant milestone as renowned technologist George Burciaga launched the U.S. Mayoral Roundtable on August 7th, 2023. This distinguished event, held at the Sheraton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, brought together an assembly of exceptional city leaders, including Mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas City, Mayor Tishaura Jones of St. Louis, Mayor Melissa Blaustein of Sausalito, CA, and Mr. Burciaga himself. The African American Mayors Association (AAMA) and The National League of Cities (NLC) were present as attendees.

Under the collaborative efforts of the United States Mayoral Roundtable, the National League of Cities, the African American Mayors Association, and other esteemed organizations, the Experiencia Puerto Rico Conference took place from August 6th to 7th, 2023. The event offered an unparalleled platform for over 200 invited guests, including 50 mayors from various cities, with notable representation from Puerto Rico.

The highlight of the conference was the U.S. Mayoral Roundtable, which took center stage on August 7th at 2 pm EST. Distinguished mayors and thought leaders engaged in insightful discussions, addressing the most pressing challenges and opportunities faced by cities in the contemporary landscape. With a focus on economic development and the transformation of small businesses, the event showcased the power of collaboration and knowledge exchange across borders.

Mayor Michael Hancock, the former mayor of the City and County of Denver, led the U.S. Mayoral Roundtable with finesse, guiding the conversation towards actionable insights and meaningful outcomes. The presence of accomplished mayors lent an air of gravitas to the discussions, emphasizing the event’s significance in fostering positive change within cities and communities.

Mr. Burciaga expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to convene such an esteemed gathering of city leaders and technologists. “The Experiencia Puerto Rico Conference provides a unique platform to explore avenues of collaboration and growth. Together, we have the potential to drive innovation, effect change, and create a lasting impact on our cities and beyond.”

The United States Mayoral Roundtable, in alignment with the Experiencia Puerto Rico Conference’s mission, aims to accelerate partnerships and enhance collaboration among U.S. mayors. By facilitating knowledge sharing and inspiring excellence, the initiative strives to propel the advancement of communities and foster sustainable development.

The presence of mayors from across the U.S. and Latin America underscored the commitment of city leaders and technologists to effect transformative change. Their participation, along with NLC and AAMA’s collaboration, serves as a testament to their dedication and vision for a brighter future for cities across the United States and beyond.

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