Evidence of ‘Extraterrestrial’ Life Is Being Identified for a 13th Year By Blogger Mark Russell Bell
Evidence of ‘Extraterrestrial’ Life Is Being Identified for a 13th Year By Blogger Mark Russell Bell

UFOlogy case chronologies making known proof of ‘extraterrestrial’ life include Truman Bethurum, Jeff Greenhaw, and Arthur Shuttlewood, among others.

These book covers show the first editions of three published books with autobiographical writings by Truman Bethurum.

books with Truman Bethurum’s autobiographical writings

Featured in this article is a link to a 1954 audio recording of a Truman Bethurum interview.

A link to an audio recording featured in the blog article is shown.

Some people seem to ignore the ‘bombshell physical proof’ and other UFOlogy evidence simply because it doesn’t conform with their current perceptions about life

Truman himself was unable to place in context the ‘bombshell physical proof’ that he was provided in relation to the other cases of paranormal transcendental communication identified in this article.”

— Mark Russell Bell

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The detailed facts in the new evidentiary blog article “UFOlogy: This Blog Is Making Known Proof of ‘Extraterrestrial’ Life for a 13th Year” present an opportunity for readers to develop a perspective of the diverse data, evidence and veritable ‘proof’ being shared about UFOs / UAP / ‘flying saucers.’

During the 1950s, Truman Bethurum was among the earliest ‘flying saucer contactees’ whose books were read by the public and among this unprecedented group of experiencers his contacts were chronologically the first to commence. The initial article to identify and explain the significance of the physical proof documented by Truman Bethurum (1898-1969) is “The Letters from Aboard a Flying Saucer” published at Mark Russell Bell’s blog Metaphysical Articles in March 2012. The incident is reported in Truman’s 1954 case study book Aboard a Flying Saucer.

When one comprehends the significance of the two letters again being shown in this new article—one in Chinese and the other in French—bestowed upon Truman Bethurum while he was aboard a flying saucer, it is undeniable how these simple objects discreetly bring essential insights into the nature of visitations on Earth by humanity from extraterrestrial / extradimensional realms of existence. Truman himself was unable to place in context the ‘bombshell physical proof’ that he was provided in relation to the other cases of paranormal transcendental communication identified in this article at www.metaphysicalarticles.org.

The annals of transcendental communication establish a long chronology of cases involving materialized letters and human ‘masters’ of wisdom representing a realm of human existence beyond the earthly physical plane. Previous blog articles by Mark Russell Bell about ‘paranormal’ letters include “The Mahatma Letters,” “The ITC Letters,” “The Bangs Sisters” and “Metaphysically Revealing Experiences in the Life of Maurice Barbanell.”

After Bell’s March 2012 blog article about Truman Bethurum, three more articles about him followed the next month. A link is provided in the current article to an 11 1/2-minute audio recording of an August 1954 Truman Bethurum radio interview so that readers themselves may hear his voice and personally evaluate his commentary and emotions.

Correlations between the Truman Bethurum case chronology and channeling/automatic writing cases of transcendental communication are mentioned in the new article. Truman Bethurum is one of the four prominent contactee cases profiled in the 2019 blog article “Flying Saucer Contactees and the New Age” and these paragraphs about Truman are shared in the new Metaphysical Articles blog post to provide a summary of this particular case chronology.

Truman reported having experienced an unprecedented spontaneous poetic writing ability or ‘automatic writing’ involving poetry or proverbs. Other experiencers of this ‘paranormal phenomena’ include Pearl Lenore Curran, whose psychic experiences began with Ouija Board communication; Chico Xavier, a famous Brazilian author of books via automatic writing; Lynn Russell, who was a regular participant in Direct Voice Communication seances with medium Leslie Flint; and Elizabeth Fuller, who was the colleague (and later became the wife) of John G. Fuller (author of The Interrupted Journey and Arigo). A blog article about ‘automatic writing’ mediumship is “The ‘Automatic Mirror Writing’ of Mrs. Georgia.”

As with most people of modern times, Truman Bethurum knew nothing about the gamut of paranormal case chronologies and therefore couldn’t articulate any metaphysical context concerning the significance of the two letters provided to him nor thereafter the onset of his sudden writing ability to document the space people’s visits.

Something in common with Truman that is shared by other authentic American flying saucer contactees whose cases have been extensively documented is that during a period of their lifetimes they each resided in the area of Los Angeles. The name of the city and county of ‘Los Angeles’ is Spanish for ‘the angels.’ Truman’s case was investigated by a man who soon thereafter became a highly publicized contactee claimant himself, George Adamski (now one of the contactees easy to discredit as has Belgian journalist-author Philip Coppens), prior to the publication of Adamski’s own book in September 1953. Adamski had invited Truman for a visit so that the two of them could compare experiences. The visit took place in July 1953 and Adamski made a tape recording of Truman talking about his contact encounters. Adamski then publicized Truman’s case and the result was surprising. Truman recalled how his life with his wife in Redondo Beach, California suddenly changed: “Our doorbell began to ring mornings before we could even have our breakfast, and it hardly stopped for an intermission all day long and far into the night.”

Other documented so-called ‘contactee’ case chronologies that have been profiled in blog articles by Mark Russell Bell include Orfeo Angelucci, Daniel Fry, Dana Howard, Paulina Peavy and Arthur Shuttlewood; however, it is Truman Bethurum to whom was given the ‘bombshell physical proof’ that provides the key to placing in perspective UFOlogy and transcendental communication case chronologies.

“UFOlogy: This Blog Is Making Known Proof of ‘Extraterrestrial’ Life for a 13th Year” is article number 724 at the noncommercial blog Metaphysical Articles: Interesting Articles, Links and Other Media.

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