EU should continue supporting Ukraine more than ever, says Borrell

The EU Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg yesterday reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to support Ukraine, doubling down on equipment and training, so that “everything is done in order to support the counteroffensive that Ukraine is doing”, EU High Representative Josep Borrell announced after the meeting.   

He added that after the aborted armed insurrection in Russia, “with the Wagner group as protagonist”, the situation remains “complex and unpredictable”.  

“These events have shown that the Russian State, and Putin’s personal credibility, are being weakened, /…/ that the political system is showing cracks,” said Borrell. “First, it was a threat because it was strong and had force, and now it is becoming a risk because it may have entered an era of political instability and internal fragility.”

Borrell added that the EU should “continue supporting Ukraine, more than ever”. To this extent, the Council adopted the €3.5 billion top-up for the European Peace Facility (EPF) that will cover all the activities of the European Peace Facility, including in Ukraine.

At the same time, the adoption of the 8th support package to Ukraine is still not solved, said Borrell. “I will engage personally with everybody in order to try to solve it as soon as possible because this support package to Ukraine remains vital,”  he said.

He also announced that the EU Military Assistance Mission to Ukraine has already trained 24,000 Ukrainian soldiers of the 30,000 soldiers due to be trained by the end of this year.

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