EU and UNDP officially launch programme to replace old household equipment

The ‘Rabla for Household Appliances’ programme aimed at replacing old household equipment, was officially launched in Moldova on 23 November, starting with the first two rounds – one for LED lamps and one for large-sized equipment.

The programme helps vulnerable households to reduce their electricity costs by replacing old appliances with new, energy-efficient equipment in line with the Moldovan government’s efforts to increase energy efficiency in the residential sector.

The launch of the programme, whose total budget is estimated at US$5.8 million, was made possible thanks to funding from the European Union as part of the ‘Addressing the impacts of the energy crisis in the Republic of Moldova’ programme, implemented by the UNDP in Moldova.

“We are launching this programme today with the objective that one day all Moldovan consumers will be able to upgrade their household appliances into new ones that consume less energy,”  said Jānis Mažeiks, the Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova. “While such a move will generate more savings to each one of you, it will also contribute to your country’s efforts to combat climate change, as less energy consumption translates to fewer carbon emissions.” 

In its initial stage, the ‘Rabla for Household Appliances’ programme is implemented in partnership with the Agency for Energy Efficiency (AEE), which has made vouchers available to approximately 50,000 families to buy LED lamps, and an additional 6,000 families to buy large equipment. 

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