EU Ambassador to Georgia visits Adjara to highlight cooperation projects

EU Ambassador to Georgia Pawel Herczynski visited the Adjara region last week to foster stronger ties between Adjara and the European Union. 

The visit encompassed a wide-ranging agenda, including meetings with government officials, civil society representatives, businesses, media representatives, and youth.

During his visit, Ambassador Herczynski inaugurated the Euroclub in Qeda, contributing to the region’s development and educational opportunities. The Qeda Euroclub was an initiative of the Young European Ambassadors (YEAs), who operate within the framework of the EU-funded programme EU NEIGHBOURS EAST.

The visit also highlighted the EU’s dedication to supporting grassroots initiatives, local entrepreneurship, and sustainable rural development. Ambassador Herczynski had the opportunity to visit local businesses, including the Nuri Sirabidze Wine Cellar in Qeda, supported through FAO initiatives, and the ‘Woodhide’ guesthouse in Machakhela National Park, supported through ENPARD and UNDP programmes. 

The Ambassador’s visit concluded with a meeting with religious representatives, emphasising the EU’s commitment to promoting religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

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