DHS Secretary Mayorkas Redeploys Air Marshals to the Border while the Inspector General Investigates

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DHS Secretary Mayorkas Redeploys Air Marshals to the Border while the Inspector General Investigates

The egregious actions of DHS and TSA continuously removing Federal Air Marshals from flights is destroying the chances of stopping another 9/11.”

— David Londo, President of the Air Marshal National Council

WASHINGTON , DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA , USA, May 3, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The Air Marshal National Council (AMNC) today confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, TSA Administrator David Pekoske and the Federal Air Marshal Director Tirrell Stevenson intend to restart deploying air marshals to the southern border. The air marshals will be taken off their normal duties of protecting high risk American flagged air carriers and redirected to the southern border to perform humanitarian duties to assist migrants illegally crossing our nations border. These deployments were stopped back in January in part due to an ongoing Department of Homeland Security Inspector General investigation in to the legality of them, which today is ongoing. ” DHS Stops Sending Air Marshals on Migrant Welfare Missions along Mexican Border” this story was first reported by Judical Watch.

The air marshal program is budgeted for over 700 million dollars a year to protect Americans as they travel via air and other modes of transportation. The AMNC confirmed recently that several members of Congress told Mayorkas and the TSA that these deployments are wrong and go against Congressional intention. Mayorkas’s response, he doesn’t care. In recent hearings before several Congressional committees Mayorkas got blasted by lawmakers for failing to do his job, his response he doesn’t care. The AMNC was successful in getting the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General to put a stop to these deployments back in January, and the IG has a current investigation into the legality and the cost of these very questionable deployments. A cost that if we are attacked again like 9-11 could be catastrophic. Mayorkas’s response to deploying FAMs while the deployments themselves are under investigation, he doesn’t care.

The last few months have seen a substantial increase in violence on aircraft. Recently, a United airlines jet flying from Los Angeles to Boston had a deranged man attempt to stab a flight attendant with a makeshift weapon and attempt screamed he was going to hijack the plane. The AMNC assisted a passenger from that flight to give evidence before Senator Markey (D. Mass), she said that the passengers were terrified and were waiting for an air marshal to take control of the situation. She then said it was after a few minutes to their horror it became apparent that no air marshals were aboard the flight. The Senators staff was also given additional testimony on how while passengers on United flight 2609 were forced to fend for themselves there were hundreds of air marshals across the country simply walking around airports and not on flights.

These deployments could not come at a worse time for our aviation security. The F.B.I. gave testimony to the House Homeland Security Committee that there is over 2,000 open terrorist investigations involving supporters of ISIS and Al Qaeda happening right now on U.S. soil.

“The FBI remains concerned about the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the that the intent of FTOs, such as ISIS and al-Qa’ida and their affiliates, intend to carry out or inspire large-scale attacks in the United States. Despite its loss of physical territory in Iraq and Syria, ISIS remains relentless in its campaign of violence against the United States and our partners—both here at home and overseas.” “Like other foreign terrorist groups, ISIS advocates for lone offender attacks in the United States and Western countries via videos and other English language propaganda that have, at times, specifically advocated for attacks against civilians, the military, law enforcement and intelligence community personnel.” Mayorkas’s response, he doesn’t care.

Mayorkas, Pekoske, and Stevenson are doing this even when they refuse to admit there is a crisis, yet their actions scream of a crisis as they deploy air marshals and military assets to the border. They are deploying air marshals and Homeland Security Special Agents en masse leaving gaping holes in our national security in other vulnerable areas of our homeland. Taking all these agents out of their normal duties could have a devastating effect and will create vulnerabilities all over our National Security domain. Mr. Mayorkas, TSA Administrator David Pekoske and Tirrell Stevenson are degrading our ability to defend our homeland, which is the exact opposite of what they took an oath to do. Their response, they don’t care.

Mr. Secretary there is a crisis. Not only at the southern and northern borders but also within DHS and the FAMS. It’s a crisis of leadership. We have Americans dying at never before seen rates from overdoses of fentanyl, organized crime syndicates are stronger than ever before in human history. We have tens of thousands of children being trafficked and sold into sex slavery. We have migrants dying in record numbers trying to cross the border. Our aviation system has never been so vulnerable as the FAM program is depleted and its mission is being mismanaged from top to bottom.

The most dangerous crisis we are facing as a nation today is government leaders that put their right hand up and swear to protect and defend our constitution and our way of life, and then intentionally fail to do so for a political purpose. Government leaders that refuse to tell the truth, deny, deflect, and coverup what is actually happening. This is the real crisis facing America.

Today the AMNC joins the Border Patrol Council and calls on Mayorkas to resign. The AMNC also calls on TSA Administrator David Pekoske and Director Stevenson to resign. They continue to make our country more and more vulnerable to attack from those who wish to do us harm.

In the coming weeks the AMNC will once again be working with our friends in Congress to stop these deployments of air marshal to the border and to get them back to doing what America pays them to do, protect our skies.

Sonya LaBosco
Air Marshal National Council
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