Breaking News: Andy Vermaut & Manel Msalmi had prepared electrifying speeches for Jalsa Salana’s 50000 mega gathering

Over 50,000 global visitors converge: British summer weekend of July 28th-30th, 2023, ignites with unprecedented unity and dedication!

Noted human rights defender, expert in MENA in the European institutions, and champion of minority rights, Manel Msalmi, shines a spotlight on the escalating crisis of the Ahmadi Muslim community's persecution across the world.

Noted human rights defender, expert in MENA in the European institutions, and champion of minority rights, Manel Msalmi, shines a spotlight on the escalating crisis of the Ahmadi Muslim community’s persecution across the world.

In the spotlight: Captivating photo captures Sharif Ahmad and his father, the masterminds behind the tour company, alongside Ahmadiyya's Belgium PR dynamo, ensuring Andy Vermaut's seamless journey to and from the conference!

In the spotlight: Captivating photo captures Sharif Ahmad and his father, the masterminds behind the tour company, alongside Ahmadiyya’s Belgium PR dynamo, ensuring Andy Vermaut’s seamless journey to and from the conference!

EU Climate Pact ambassador and fundamental human rights defender, Andy Vermaut, declares: Ahmadiyya community shines as the beacon of global peace aspirations.

EU Climate Pact ambassador and fundamental human rights defender, Andy Vermaut, declares: Ahmadiyya community shines as the beacon of global peace aspirations.

Human Rights Advocate Andy Vermaut had the privilege to meet Hamid Algabid, former Prime Minister of Niger and former Secretary-General of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

Human Rights Advocate Andy Vermaut had the privilege to meet Hamid Algabid, former Prime Minister of Niger and former Secretary-General of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

In the heart of the British summer, from July 28th to 30th, 2023, over 50,000 souls from distant shores gathered, enveloped in an ambiance of profound respect.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 7, 2023/ — In the midst of the British summer’s radiant embrace, a powerful call for unity, equality, and peace emanated from the United Kingdom’s very soul. As the days lengthened and shadows played, the nation stood at the cusp of a transformative moment. Renowned personalities, Manel Msalmi and EU Climate Pact Ambassador Andy Vermaut, with pens poised and hearts aflame, prepared their impassioned speeches. Each syllable, each pause, meticulously chosen, ready to be the centerpiece of the Ahmadiyya UK Jalsa Salana Conference 2023, a beacon in a world thirsting for genuine connection and understanding. Jalsa Salana 2023 is a global epicenter of unity and peace. For the second time, the Jalsa Salana, the largest global gathering of Muslims, painted an awe-inspiring picture of unity and peace. Over 50,000 visitors from all over the world congregated over the British summer weekend of July 28th to 30th, 2023, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and commitment. The conference was punctuated with spiritual highlights, including the raising of the Liwa-e-Ahmadiyyat, a flag symbolizing spiritual unity and purpose, and addresses by global Muslim leaders, including Hazrat Amirul Momineen Khalifatul Masih V.

Guests had the honor of meeting and interacting with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the head of the International Ahmadiya Muslim Community, whose profound insights on global issues were deeply impactful. Among the notable attendees were Manel Msalmi, chair of the Liberal Francophone Women in Brussels, and Raphael de Macar from Brussels, known for his significant benefit action for cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast. Their presence underscored the importance of solidarity and the promotion of justice on a global scale. The Jalsa Salana 2023 was not just a gathering of individuals but a convergence of visions and aspirations for a world characterized by unity, equality, and peace. It stood as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Ahmadiyya community, further fueling the global commitment to defend their rights and amplify their voices for peace. As Andy Vermaut stated, “Together, we can move mountains.”

Manel Msalmi: spotlighting the Ahmadi Muslim persecution worldwide
Manel Msalmi, a staunch defender of oppressed minorities, brought forth the grim narrative of the Ahmadi Muslim minority’s persecution. Her prepared speech underscored the recurring pattern of discrimination, hate speech, bullying, and false accusations against Ahmadiyya Muslims. Despite facing severe persecution in some countries like Pakistan, where they are legally declared non-Muslims, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community continues to thrive and progress worldwide. They persist in their efforts to disseminate the peaceful message of peace , disregarding opposition and animosity.

Manel Msalmi: a staunch advocate for Ahmadi Muslim minority rights
Noted human rights defender, expert in MENA to Meps in the European Parliament, and champion of minority rights, Manel Msalmi, shines a spotlight on the escalating crisis of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community’s persecution across the world. She brings to light the discrimination, hate speech, bullying, and false accusations this community has faced.

Rise in persecution: a global concern
Manel Msalmi points to the findings from the US Commission on International Religious Freedom report of 2021, which details an increase in governmental persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslims. According to Msalmi, many Muslim-majority countries, such as Algeria, Pakistan, and Malaysia, exhibit intolerance and violence towards the Ahmadiyya Muslims. Manel Msalmi emphasizes how these nations have denied Ahmadiyya Muslims their right to freedom of religion, resulting in grievous human rights violations.

A deeper look: infringements on religious freedom
Authorities in these nations, as Manel Msalmi explains, have targeted Ahmadiyya Muslims for their beliefs, including wrongful convictions of blasphemy. They have denied them citizenship, curtailed their worship rights, and subjected them to hate speech and violent incitements.

Pakistani injustice: Ahmadiyya community under fire
Manel Msalmi draws attention to Pakistan extremist and radical groups ’s notorious reputation for its intolerance against ideologies or faiths that conflict with its political framework. This includes the Ahmadiyya Muslims community, which Pakistan’s government fails to recognize. She highlights the unjust persecution and imprisonment of innocent believers.

Manel Msalmi on Ahmadiyya women’s double persecution in Pakistan
Msalmi adds an additional layer to the discussion: Ahmadiyya women in Pakistan face a double layer of persecution, not only for their faith but also because they are women.

Manel Msalmi’s call to action
In shedding light on these deeply concerning issues, Manel Msalmi calls on the global community to address this grave violation of religious freedom and human rights. She implores leaders worldwide to acknowledge the pressing situation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and take immediate action. With her unwavering commitment to human rights and minority rights, Manel Msalmi continues to advocate for the rights of the oppressed, reminding the world that the fight for justice must never cease.

Andy Vermaut: the Ahmadiyya vision of universal unity and peace
Andy Vermaut, a globally recognized human rights activist, introduced a powerful narrative of the Ahmadiyya community’s universal unity, empathy, and peace. He applauded the Ahmadiyya fellowship for their unwavering strength and radiant vision, standing out as a beacon guiding humanity through societal differences. Their ethos, he argued, traverses borders and cultures, uniting the world under the universal flag of human virtues. Andy Vermaut urged the attendees to envision a world abundant in love, acceptance, unity, and peace, where faith is unshadowed by fear, and peace becomes an everyday reality. Drawing inspiration from Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream, Andy Vermaut who is also EU Climate Pact Ambassador underscored that the Ahmadiyya community embodies humanity’s collective aspirations for peace.

An advocate’s reflection: Andy Vermaut on the Ahmadiyya Community
In the vast expanse of humanity’s chronicles, where voices often fade into the cacophony, Andy Vermaut emerges as a resolute sentinel, championing the tales of the overlooked. With poetic fervor, he paints a vivid tableau of the Ahmadiyya community during this momentous juncture. This community, whispered about in corridors of reverence, becomes a living testament to unity, empathy, and peace, their ethos shimmering like a rare gem in a world starved for genuine harmony.

The birth of Ahmadiyya: a turning point in history
Drawing from his experiences, Andy Vermaut paints a vivid picture of the Ahmadiyya community’s birth in the late 19th century. He recalls the story of their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who Vermaut notes, injected new life into Islamic teachings and initiated a spiritual revolution. His narrative forms an intricate web of historical and spiritual insight, amplifying the voice of the Ahmadiyya community through his articulate and passionate discourse.

The Ahmadiyya: a guiding light amidst societal differences
Andy Vermaut repeatedly praises the Ahmadiyya community’s unwavering commitment to peace and harmony, regardless of societal differences. He describes them not merely as another religious movement but as a guiding light, a beacon navigating the tumultuous seas of societal differences and casting light on the path of equality.

A vision of unity and peace: Vermaut’s Ahmadiyya-inspired World
In the vast theater of human experience, Andy Vermaut emerges as a visionary bard, beckoning readers to traverse the landscapes of imagination, painted with the hues of the Ahmadiyya spirit. He conjures a world brimming with love’s abundance, acceptance’s embrace, unity’s bond, and the tranquil cadence of peace. Through his eloquent prose, he crafts a panorama where faith dances unburdened by the chains of fear, where dialogues with neighbors are untainted by the stains of prejudice, and where peace isn’t a fleeting dream but an enduring heartbeat of every dawn.

Drawing Parallels: The Ahmadiyya Community and Martin Luther King’s Dream
In the echoing chambers of history, where Martin Luther King’s words resonate with undying fervor, Andy Vermaut weaves a narrative that positions the Ahmadiyya community as a luminous beacon of brotherhood, unity, and peace. His profound admiration for their ethos, a reflection of moonlight on still waters, mirrors his own unwavering dedication to the sanctity of human rights and the timeless quest for equality. Like a masterful poet drawing inspiration from ancient verses, Vermaut finds in the Ahmadiyya a contemporary embodiment of age-old ideals.

The Power of Enduring Values: Andy Vermaut’s Insight
Throughout his prepared discourse, Andy Vermaut stresses that our world’s greatness does not stem from our weaponry or wealth but from our dedication to enduring values – freedom, respect for individual dignity, and our continuous quest for justice and fairness.

Shared dreams, shared destiny: Vermaut’s call to unity
Andy Vermaut is adamant in his belief that the dream of the Ahmadiyya community for a world teeming with love, peace, and unity is a dream shared by all humanity. He urges his fellow sojourners to remember that our identity is not confined by language, faith, or the colour of our skin. Instead, as Vermaut often states, it is defined by our shared values, dreams, and destiny.

Andy Vermaut on change: a goal, an ideal, a vision
In the intricate ballet of existence, as perceived by Andy Vermaut, change does not masquerade as an invisible hand sculpting our fate from the shadows. Instead, it emerges as a beacon we ardently chase, a dream we tenderly nurture, and a vision we champion with fiery passion. With the eloquence of a seasoned bard, he beseeches all souls to converge in harmonious symphony, to mold a world where love’s triumphant crescendo drowns out the dissonant notes of hate, where peace’s gentle whisper hushes the clamor of violence, and where the embrace of unity gently erases the lines of division.

Andy Vermaut’s call to action
Andy Vermaut concludes his compelling narrative by expressing gratitude and calling for continued support and dedication towards achieving peace, unity, and empathy. His unwavering conviction and commitment to these ideals echo in every sentence he utters. In his final sentiments, Andy Vermaut leaves us with the profound impression that together, we can indeed be inspired.

A transformative encounter: Andy Vermaut meets the head of the international Ahmadiya Muslim community
The renowned human rights defender, President of the Fundamental Rights Association Postversa, EU Climate Pact Ambassador, and Chair of the World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue, Andy Vermaut, shared his profound reflections on his recent meeting with the distinguished head of the International Ahmadiya Muslim Community.

A profound spiritual impact
In the vast expanse of human interactions, Andy Vermaut’s rendezvous with the Ahmadiyya leader unfurled like a celestial dance of souls. This meeting, a confluence of minds, stirred within Vermaut an awe as vast as the cosmos itself. The leader’s profound understanding and sagacious wisdom, which effortlessly navigated the labyrinthine intricacies of our world, left Vermaut standing on the precipice of wonder, humbled and profoundly transformed by the depth of insight he encountered.

The privilege of dialogue and shared purpose
As a human rights defender, Andy Vermaut found his engagement with such a wise figure to be a celestial event of extraordinary and ineffable significance. He drew a comparison of this interaction to tracing the trajectory of a comet, emphasizing the deep resonance this encounter had within him. In the vast panorama of human endeavor, where passions burn fervently and destinies intertwine, Andy Vermaut, that unwavering sentinel of human rights, found himself ensnared in a moment of profound revelation. Engaging with such an enlightened soul was akin to the rare confluence of elements, a celestial alignment that transcends the mundane. Much like the gritty streets and fervent souls of my tales, this encounter was not just an event; it was an odyssey. An odyssey that, for Vermaut, mirrored the intricate dance of fate and free will, of hope and despair, much like the characters that come alive under the weight of my pen.

A radiating transcendent force
In the vast human encounters, Andy Vermaut felt an ineffable resonance when in the presence of the Ahmadiyya leader, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad. It was as if the very cosmos paused to acknowledge the aura that surrounded him. His very being was akin to a celestial event, a gravitational pull that signified a transformative shift in the world’s axis. The undulating cadence of his speeches, intertwined with the profound weight of global concerns, echoed like age-old hymns, imbuing the air with an undying vigor, a testament to the timeless spirit of leadership and vision.

The relentless dedication of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad
Witnessing the unwavering dedication of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad was akin to discovering a rare gem in an expanse of desert for Vermaut. The experience served to illuminate his consciousness with a humbling and inspiring clarity. It also reaffirmed his reverence and gratitude for the privilege to resonate with the Ahmadiya vision of our shared world.

An ocean of respect
In the vast expanse of human narratives, Andy Vermaut found himself deeply touched by the monumental presence of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad. To Vermaut, this eminent figure seemed to bear upon his shoulders not just the weight of the world, but the intricate weave of our shared human journey, with its myriad joys, sorrows, and dreams. Overflowing with gratitude, he looked to Sharif Ahmad and Ahmad Idrees, who, like seasoned navigators, steered him towards this beacon of wisdom and fortitude. This profound encounter, reminiscent of rivers meeting at a confluence, strengthened Vermaut’s spirit, kindling within him a renewed zeal to challenge and dispel the shadows of oppression that darken the lives of Ahmadis worldwide.

A renewed commitment
In the intimate embrace of communion with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Vermaut found himself bathed in a rejuvenating elixir. This sacred encounter became a font of unyielding vitality, invigorating his very essence. It imbued him with a fervor so fierce, a spirit so indomitable, that he felt propelled to traverse even the most treacherous terrains of adversity. With every heartbeat, he challenged the shadows of persecution, standing tall and unwavering as a sentinel for the rights of the marginalized. In his quest, he became the resonant echo in the silent chambers, amplifying the whispers of the voiceless, ensuring they too were heard in the vast symphony of life.

Andy Vermaut’s final statement
In the intricate dance of destiny, where paths often meander through the crags of adversity and challenges, Vermaut’s voice emerged, resonant and clear. He articulated that the journey, though strewn with obstacles, now gleams with an unwavering resolve, its way illuminated by the incandescent fire of this transformative encounter. With a flourish of his pen and the weight of his convictions, he concluded his musings, signing as ‘Andy Vermaut, Champion of Human Rights, a steadfast beacon piercing through the tempestuous storms of our era.

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