Black Panther Movie & Kisumu Kenya Cultural Connection Challenges Memphis White Supremacy Racism & Black on Black Racism

Gov. Nyong’o promised to come back to Memphis & bring his family Including Black Panther Star Lupita Nyong’o. Family is the secret weapon to bring Africans & African/Americans together. We are coming to Orange Mound in Memphis & we are inviting Memphis to Kisumu Kenya

Anthony Elmore is not only filming a movie scene in Kenya Elmore is looking to write, produce & direct Tom Mboya movie of the great Kenya Leader Tom Mboya. Without an Mboya there would never have been a Black President Obama or a President Kennedy or Black Democrats

Amp Elmore & Gov. Nyong’o are creating a culture pathway whereas American friendly Kenya is the best starting point whereas Blacks can find their African Heritage & Feel at home in Africa African/Americans & Black Africans have some cultural differences to overcome

Kisumu Kenya Governor Nyong’o Father of Black Panther Star Lupita Nyong’o & Memphis Kickboxing Champ Amp Elmore ink deal to honor Mboya/King historical legacy

Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

— 1st Lady Michelle Obama

MEMPHIS, TN, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2023/ — Saturday June 24, 2023 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Filmset/Home of Memphis Filmmaker Anthony “Amp” Elmore Sr. 1035 Semmes Street in Orange Mound in Memphis, Tennessee 38111 is the Kickoff of “Orange Mound Black Memphis Hollywood A Black Film Culture.” The event will include celebrating the Black Panther Movie Kisumu, Kenya Cultural Connection and Orange Mound.” The upcoming film Rock and Roll a Black Legacy to be shot in “Orange Mound” scenes includes a Memphis cultural connection and scenes shot in Kisumu Kenya the home of Black Panther Star Lupita Nyong’ o

Elmore is creating the film “Rock and Roll A Black Legacy” whereas Elmore not only turns the African/American Community of “Orange Mound” into a film set Elmore notes; we are leading the nation via “Cultural Diplomacy” between Africa and America.

While Elmore is Memphis 1st Independent 35mm feature filmmaker two words best describes Elmore treatment from Linn Sitler and the Memphis Shelby County Film Commission. “Mean Spirited.” It is not acknowledged in Memphis that Elmore is Memphis 1st Independent feature filmmaker.

Elmore whose 1988 Film The Contemporary Gladiator premiered in Kenya in 1990, Elmore met the late Kenya President Daniel Arap Moi who named Elmore an Ambassador. Elmore met with his friend newly elected Memphis 1st Black Mayor W.W.Herenton who was elected in 1992. Black Memphis Mayor Dr. W.W. Herenton is the “pioneer and founder of Memphis Black on Black Racism.” Elmore sites this story in his 2019 Black History movie “200 Years of Black Memphis History.” Elmore notes we have ill-refutable evidence of Dr. Herenton’s Black on Black Racism whereas Elmore sites the story June 1, 2010 via Channel 5 news in Memphis. Click here to learn about the 2010 Griffin/ Strong Disparity Study. The study reveals that Black Memphis Mayor Dr. W.W. Herenton’s Administration had the worst record of minority hiring of any City in America. Out of over 2,800 businesses registered to do business with the City of Memphis only 6 were Black and most were caterers.

Upon being elected it was asked of Dr. Herenton would he be a Mayor like Maynard Jackson in Atlanta who demanded set asides for African/American to be elevated to of an equal playing field. Dr.Herenton noted that he was “Not in the business of making Black millionaires and he would not honor the agenda of the “Black People’s Convention.” The culture of Dr. Herenton’s Black on Black racism is part of the fabric of Memphis Black on Black Racism whereas 5 Black police officers murdered 29 year old Tyree Nichols.

Black Memphis Mayor Herenton hated Africa and told Elmore via uncertain terms “You Got Your Boy Steve Cohen” Click here to listen to Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen Mention Elmore on the Floor of Congress.

Elmore is pleading with Memphis African/American lawmakers to protect the 14 Amendment rights his and the community of Orange Mound. Elmore in 1987 became the 1st independent filmmaker in Memphis history to produce a 35mm film titled; “The Contemporary Gladiator” that premiered in 1988. The Shelby County Government Website of Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris Function and Authority reads: The purpose of the Film and Television Commission is to initiate, recommend, and/or support policies, programs, projects, and events that support the film production industry. The commission is overseen by Executive Director Linn Sitler.

Linn Sitler created a Memphis Shelby County Film Commission based on “Cultural Aggression” and Black exclusion that violated 14th Amendment to the constitution which guarantee equal protection under the law. While the film commission Function and Authority mandate supporting of policies, programs, projects, and events that support the film production industry. Linn Sitler only supported White Films and White Filmmakers. Linn Sitler and the Shelby County Historical Commission contrived a spurious historical marker to favor Linn Sitler self aggrandizement while obscuring Memphis legitimate film history.

Memphis Shelby County film and tape commissioner’s Linn Sitler 35 year racist practices and patterns have retarded Black films and Black Film production beyond a generation. Elmore who is Memphis 1st Independent Feature Filmmaker is asking the Shelby County Commission to intervene to protect his and the “Orange Mound Community Heritage Asset.” A heritage asset is an item that has value because of its contribution to a nation’s society, knowledge and/or culture.

Elmore notes that the Linn Sitler, The City of Memphis and The County of Shelby is guilty of a “Heritage Crime.” A Heritage crime is any offence which harms the value of heritage assets and their settings.

Elmore explains that he and Kisumu Kenya Governor Peter Nyong’o have inked a deal for the greatest African and African/American cultural revolution in the 21st century. We have created a “Cultural Pathway” for African/Americans and Africans to connect. Click Here we will build Largest Black Culture center in Africa in Kenya .

Governor Nyong’o learned in Orange Mound about Elmore’s deep ancestral connection to Kenya. When Elmore visited Kenya in 1990 to premier his movie “The Contemporary Gladiator” Elmore met the spirit of one of Kenya Founding father Tom Mboya. Without an Mboya there would never have been a Black President Obama or a White President Kennedy.

Black heritage honor in Kenya is owed to Thurgood Marshall who wrote Kenya’s Constitution. Honor is due to baseball great Jackie Robinson, Actor Sidney Pointier and singer Harry Belafonte who lent their names on a letter to bring Kenyans on a chartered flight to go to school in America in 1959. Names associated to Kenya are to long to note some are Eleanor Roosevelt, Paul Roberson, A Phillip Randolph.

John Lewis met Malcolm X in Kenya. Most important is the fact Dr. Martin Luther KIng honored Tom Mboya at Atlanta University for the African Freedom dinner in 1959 where Dr. King said; “Our struggle is not an isolated struggle, “We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.”

Anthony “Amp” Elmore in Memphis and Governor Nyong’o Kenya join together to pick up the gauntlets of Dr. King and Mboya to work for a better Word and Humanity.

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