A Landmark Pilot Project of the New World Gathers Momentum in Romania

Rebuilding Ukraine Forum hosted at the Palace of Parliament in Romania



The Rebuilding Ukraine Forum gathers esteemed participants from Romania and Ukraine to accelerate the momentum of reconstruction efforts in Ukraine.

Rebuilding Ukraine should not be considered only a generous project of Romania but ‘a pilot project of the new world’!”

— Nasty M. Vladoiu, President CCBRU

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The Romania-Ukraine Bilateral Chamber of Commerce (CCBRU), under the leadership of President Nasty M. Vladoiu, in collaboration with the Embassy of Ukraine in Romania, successfully organized the highly anticipated Forum REBUILDING UKRAINE. The event served as a significant platform for fostering economic cooperation and discussing vital strategies for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Rebuilding Ukraine is more than just an event; it represents a dynamic platform aimed at facilitating eligible Rebuilding Ukraine projects. These projects include the establishment of a comprehensive sectoral list comprising Romanian economic agents, who are members of CCBRU, possessing extensive expertise and experience within their respective fields of activity. Additionally, the forum sought to promote bilateral engagement by hosting government representatives, officials, and distinguished guests from both Romania and Ukraine, alongside members of CCBRU.

The distinguished Forum REBUILDING UKRAINE took place at the iconic Palace of Parliament of Romania, renowned as the world’s largest administrative building. The event witnessed the gathering of over 150 participants from various sectors, including the public and private domains. Distinguished guests from the Romanian government and civil society included Mr. Florin Spataru, the Minister of the Economy of Romania, Mr. Marius Budai, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Romania, Mr. Vasile Dâncu, President of the Commission for European Affairs of the Senate of Romania, Mr. S. Nițulescu, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Energy of Romania, and Mr. Nasty Marian Vlădoiu, President of the Romania-Ukraine Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, and Chairman of the International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry with headquarters in Washington, DC.

Representing Ukraine were notable personalities such as H.E. Oleksandr Bankov, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, H.E. Ihor Prokopchuk, Ambassador of Ukraine to Romania, and Mr. S. Kononenko, Director of the Regional Development Agency of the Odesa region. Furthermore, Mr. M. Nayem, Head of the State Agency for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine, and Mr. S. Tsivkach, Executive Director of the Government Office for Attracting and Supporting Investments “Ukrinvest,” participated via video conference.

In their powerful messages, the distinguished speakers of the forum were unanimous – the reconstruction of Ukraine should commence today, even before the cessation of hostilities on Ukrainian soil.

“The perspective and current interests in the region can be considered as a real opportunity for Romania; on the one hand, possible benefits, on the other hand, the opportunity through which help can be offered to the neighboring state at war,” mentioned Nasty M. Vlădoiu, President of CCBRU. He emphasized that Romania will assist Ukraine throughout this vast project, which should not be considered only a generous project of the country but “a pilot project of the new world”.

The Forum REBUILDING UKRAINE facilitated a robust dialogue and exchange of valuable insights among participants, ensuring mutual awareness of essential data and information required to implement Ukraine’s resilience, recovery, and reconstruction initiatives. It provided a platform for sharing necessary project-related information involving Romanian economic agents.

The Forum REBUILDING UKRAINE marked a significant milestone in strengthening the economic cooperation between Romania and Ukraine. It reinforced the commitment of both nations to support and contribute to the reconstruction efforts in Ukraine, paving the way for future collaborative projects and initiatives.

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