Unveiling the Kanyon Series Promo: Buy 3, Get 1 Free with Coupon Code’ KanyonB3

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Breeze Flush Mount Metal Floor Register

Breeze Flush Mount Metal Floor Register

ventiques floor vents

MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Ventiques gives a free vent on buying three Kanyon series vents. Anyone who buys three consecutive Kanyon series vents are going to get a free Kanyon vent as a gift. To get the benefit of the scheme, one needs to use the promo code ‘KanyonB3’. Ventiques is a leading-edge seller of high-performance and highly functional vents. These vents are known for providing additional airflow into residential or commercial space. The quality of enhancing airflow makes these vents functional, and the fine finish and seamless fittings of these vents with various types of flooring and flooring thicknesses make these vents one of the right choices for every space.

How are Kanyon Series Vents Beneficial?

Kanyon series vents are beneficial for all sizes of projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial. The Kanyon series vents are made up of metal, and these provide multiple benefits, as mentioned below:

Durable: The Kanyon metal series is an adjustable flush mount floor vent. The overall Assembly equals 7/16″ (10mm). They come packaged with 3 spacers (two 2mm spacers & one 3mm spacer) and with the Grille & Grille frame. They adjust from 1/8″ (3mm) up to an inch (24.5mm) thick. The adjustable assembly allows you to adjust the height of your floor registers to the thickness of the flooring making for a flush-mount finish. The adjustability of the Kanyon series is very simple. You simply remove the Grille & Grille frame (4 Screws) & add a spacer(s) to get to your finished flooring height. They come packaged with 3 spacers (two 2mm spacers & one 3mm spacer) and with the Grille & Grille frame. Additional spacers & flanges are sold separately to accommodate the wide variety of flooring on the market today. Kanyon metal series vents come in 2 styles, the Breeze & Forest, two sizes 4×10 & 4×12 and with 6 powder coated color options.

No maintenance cost: Kanyon series vents carry low maintenance costs. If the buyers consider the instructions provided by Ventiques to take care of vents, the life of vents is expected to be longer. The buyer need not spend maintenance costs if the instructions are appropriately considered. The periodic cleaning can keep the vents longer than expected.

No hot or cold air bubbles: Ventiques Kanyon series vents are known for the smooth airflow in any area, ensuring even air circulation. With the consistent air circulation, no hot or cold air bubbles developed in any space. The even airflow provides more comfort and good health for everyone.

Validity of Buy 3 and Get 1 Free Vent and Coupon Code on Kanyon Series

Ventiques Kanyon series vents are valid for a buy 3 to get one free offer from 15 September to 15 October. Use coupon code ‘KanyonB3’ for this promo and get one vent for free.

How Ventiques Buy 3 Get 1 Offer is Beneficial for Everyone?

1. Additional savings on utility bills: Now homeowners can do additional saving on utility bills by installing an extra vent on their attic or living space. Installing another vent in the attic will help to enhance the air circulation and reduce the dependency on air conditioners. The reduced load on air conditioners helps in saving utility bills. Hence, this offer will help you get a discount and save money on electricity bills.

2. Enhance comfort at lower cost: Enhance comfort in any space, residential, commercial, or industrial, at lower cost using highly functional and aesthetically beautiful Ventiques vents. Enhancing comfort comes in the form of increased breathability and even airflow.

3. Enhanced health at lower prices: Good ventilation ensures the good health of everyone sitting in closed surroundings where vents perform air circulation. Ventiques Kanyon series vents help in enhancing the health of everyone as fine ventilation is done with the use of highly efficient Kanyon series vents. Use efficient and functional Kanyon series vents to make every space more breathable and comfortable.

Ventiques kanyon series vents are durable, aesthetically beautiful, and carry low or no maintenance cost. These highly functional vents provide enhanced health for everyone at reduced prices. Now, one can install four vents at the expense of three vents with the offer of buy three and get one free vent. These vents are available at lower prices and help everyone enhance their space’s breathability and comfort, including residential, commercial, and industrial space.

The offer includes the saving of cost for one vent on purchasing three functional vents.

Ventiques keep running discounted offers and schemes on its website. To get the latest notifications for the discounted schemes, one can sign up on the Account Set Up Page. It takes two minutes to fill the page and start receiving notifications for the latest discounts on Ventiques vents. Come online, visit the website of Ventiques, reach the Account Set Up Page, and fill in the details to start receiving notifications for the latest discounted offers and schemes.

About Ventiques:

Ventiques is a renowned vents seller in the online and offline landscape. It offers a wide range of metal and wood floor vents, ensuring higher functionality with the premium metal and wood utilized in manufacturing. Ventiques keep bringing the latest offers and discount schemes on various types of vents. To get the latest discounted schemes notifications, one can sign up on the Account Setup page and register to start receiving the information. Ventiques provides metal and wood vents in the original metal series, Kanyon series, wood floor vents, drop-in wood vents, and wall wood vents. Ventiques is known for highly functional and aesthetically beautiful vents. These vents make every space attractive irrespective of the project’s size, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. Metal floor vents are known to be used in high-traffic areas. The metal and wood floor vents are compatible with all types of flooring, including tiling, wood flooring, etc. The vents are also adjustable with different flooring thicknesses. Anyone can buy these vents from in-store shopping or online to save time and effort compared to the offline mode.

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