Transforming Supply Chain: Techsommet’s Conference Spotlights Digitalization Trends
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Join us in Amsterdam to explore the latest trends and strategies driving digital transformation in supply chain and logistics at our groundbreaking conference.

It’s really great to partner and work with Techsommet for their events! The events are valuable and informative and a nice way to network with like minded people.”

— Lindsey Marandola – Director of Legal Operations at Temple Health

AMSTERDAM CITY, NETHERLANDS, August 24, 2023/ — The countdown has begun for the highly anticipated annual event that promises to reshape the landscape of supply chain and logistics management: Techsommet presents Digitalization of Supply Chain and Logistics Summit 2023 #DSL2023. This groundbreaking conference is set to gather a dynamic ensemble of influential decision-makers, industry pioneers, and thought leaders on the 24th of October in the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

#DSL2023 is not just an event; it’s a convergence of brilliance, a melting pot of innovation, and a platform that brings together visionaries from all corners of Europe. With expectations soaring high, the conference is poised to attract over 180 attendees, including CXOs, VPs, directors, heads, managers, and professionals at the forefront of the supply chain and logistics domain.

Diverse Perspectives, Unified Vision: The summit offers a meticulously curated agenda featuring 15+ keynotes and an eclectic mix of customer case studies, research projects, and keynote presentations. The lineup of speakers reads like a “who’s who” of industry luminaries, including:

Dr. Wolfgang Partsch: A true trailblazer, recognized as the inventor of supply chain management and co-author of the groundbreaking work “Breakthrough Supply Chains. Dr. Partsch’s stature as a top 10 influencer in the supply chain realm solidifies his place as a thought leader.

Ozer Ergul: He is a visionary in his own right, serving as the Group Head of Procurement at Aquia Capital. His insights into procurement strategies and industry trends are set to shape the future of sourcing.

Rimmert Van Luyn: As the Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Hitachi Vantara, Rimmert brings a wealth of experience to the table, heralding a new era in global supply chain orchestration.

Vineet Khana: At the helm of the global supply chain for Nestle, Vineet Khana’s leadership in optimizing supply chain dynamics is set to inspire change.

Michelle Garres: Director Projects EMEA Distribution & Logistics at Crocs, promises to illuminate the logistics landscape.

Some of the themes that transform With an agenda as rich as the summit’s goals, #DSL2023 delves into pivotal themes that are shaping the industry’s evolution:

Supply chain strategy and planning

Digital Transformation and Automation

Strategic Sourcing and E-Procurement

Digital Twin.

AI and ML for supply chain and logistics

Cloud-based logistics systems.

Warehouse Automation.

Supply Chain Analytics and Metrics

Sustainable supply chain.

A Unique Delegate Experience: As a delegate, #DSL2023 offers unparalleled opportunities:

Networking Opportunities: Forge connections with industry titans, thought leaders, and fellow delegates, fostering collaborations that can spark innovation.

Insightful Discussions: Engage in thought-provoking dialogues led by industry stalwarts, gaining fresh perspectives on the challenges and trends that define the field.

Knowledge Expansion: Immerse yourself in cutting-edge advancements, best practices, and research findings shared by experts, broadening your industry acumen.

Collaborative Environment: Join an environment that encourages open discourse, sharing experiences, and fostering partnerships for future growth.

The event’s comprehensive agenda covers a wide spectrum of topics, making it relevant for individuals at various career stages and roles. This conference is particularly beneficial for:

CXOs and Top-Level Executives: Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Supply Chain Officers, and other top-level executives who are responsible for shaping the strategic direction of their organizations’ supply chain and logistics functions

Vice Presidents and Directors: Vice Presidents, Directors, and Heads of Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, and Operations departments who seek innovative strategies and insights to optimize their operations and drive efficiency

Managers and Team Leaders: Managers and team leaders responsible for day-to-day supply chain and logistics operations, as well as those overseeing specific functions like procurement, warehouse management, transportation, and more

Procurement Professionals: procurement managers, sourcing specialists, and procurement officers interested in the latest trends in strategic sourcing, e-procurement, and supplier relationship management

Supply Chain Planners and Analysts: professionals involved in supply chain planning, demand forecasting, and data analytics who are eager to leverage new technologies and methodologies to enhance their decision-making.

Logistics and Warehouse Managers: Logistics Managers, Warehouse Supervisors, and Distribution Planners who are interested in learning about the latest advancements in warehouse automation, cloud-based logistics systems, and sustainable logistics practices

Technology Enthusiasts: IT and technology professionals focusing on implementing digital solutions, automation, AI, and machine learning in the supply chain and logistics domain.

Academics and Researchers: Scholars, researchers, and students engaged in the study of supply chain management, logistics, and related fields are looking to stay updated on industry trends and findings.

Entrepreneurs and innovators: entrepreneurs and start-up founders developing innovative solutions for supply chain and logistics challenges, seeking to connect with potential partners and investors

Industry Consultants and Advisors: Supply chain and logistics consultants, advisors, and service providers aiming to enhance their understanding of industry trends and emerging client needs

Professionals Interested in Sustainability: Individuals focused on sustainable business practices and responsible supply chain management, seeking to gain insights into creating environmentally and socially conscious supply chains

Professionals in Allied Industries: Professionals from industries closely related to supply chain and logistics, such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and more, who wish to optimize their supply chain practices

Sponsoring our event offers remarkable benefits:

Enhanced Brand Exposure: Elevate your brand’s visibility among potential clients, fostering transformative business connections.

Thought Leadership: Shine as an industry thought leader with 180+ diverse attendees through panel discussions, presentations, workshops, and tailored sponsorship options.

Solution Showcase: Unveil innovative solutions at the exhibition, sharing brochures and research and networking with prospects seeking cutting-edge logistics and supply chain offerings.

Accelerated Sales: Propel sales cycles by arranging meetings with leaders through our networking opportunities, nurturing new prospects, and revitalizing existing connections.

Elevate your brand, ideas, and solutions at our event, forging pathways to success in the dynamic realm of supply chain and logistics.

Register now to secure your place at the forefront of transformation!

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Event Venue: Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel

Address: Hekelveld 17, 1012 SZ, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date: October 24, 2023.

Time: 09:00 AM CET

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