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NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 14, 2023 / — Our Mesothelioma Options Help Center of New Jersey is dedicated to providing the best possible legal and medical assistance to those stricken with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer. Anyone wishing to discuss their legal and/or medical options should call (888) 891-2200 to speak directly with an attorney from The Steinberg Law Group.

The Steinberg Law Group has decades of experience in handling mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cases. With offices in New York, California and Texas, the Steinberg Law Group has a national footprint that helps win the best possible financial compensation for clients.

Typically, asbestos exposure will have occurred sometime between the 1950s and the 1980s. Some of the most prevalent professions that encountered large quantities of asbestos include power plant workers, maritime workers, industrial workers, plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, mechanics, machinists, miners, railroad workers and construction workers, to name a few. Since the latency period for mesothelioma patients is approximately 40 years, most people diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer in 2023 were exposed decades ago.

As a predominately industrial state, hundreds of thousands of people in New Jersey have been substantially exposed to asbestos since World War II. New Jersey’s dependence on factory production in prominent industries such as chemical development, textile manufacturing, shipping and railroad development, food processing and iron mining have made asbestos exposure a major threat to residents of the state.

Known locations and companies with asbestos exposure in New Jersey include, but are not limited to, Salem Nuclear Plant, Huyck Felt Plant, West End Gas Plant, Kearny Generating Station, Burlington Powerhouse, Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, Essex Powerhouse, P.S. Mercer Generating Station, Johnstowne Boiler Plant, Bound Brook Woolen Mills, Ancora State Hospital, Christ Hospital, Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Hudson County Hospital, Hackensack Hospital, Riverside Hospital, Kessler Memorial Hospital, Cooper Medical Center, Clara Maass Memorial Hospital, Jersey City Medical Center, Perth Amboy Hospital, Fort Dix Hospital, West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital, Elizabeth General Hospital, New Jersey State Sanatorium for Tuberculosis Diseases, New Jersey State Colony for Feeble Minded Males (Vineland Training School), Alexian Brothers Hospital, John F. Kennedy Hospital, All Souls Hospital, Holy Name of Jesus Church, St. Theresa’s Church, Kingsley Arms Apartments, Barrington Manor Apartments, Edmund Scientific Company, Owens Corning Fiberglass Company, Atlantic Coast Electric Light Company, Atlantic Coast Electric Railroad Company, White Laboratories, Inc., Westfield Sheet Metal, Enjay Chemical Company, Atlantic City Electric Company, Atlantic City Gas Company, Bayway Refinery, Esso Standard Oil Company (Exxon), National Tool & Manufacturing Company, Phelps Dodge Copper Products Company, Atlantic City Severage Company, John Sykes Company, Lit Brothers Department Store, American Dyewood Company, Bayonne Plumbing Supply, Bayonne Refractory Corp., Warren Harding School, St. Patrick’s School House, Stevens Institute of Technology, William L. Dickinson High School, Bayonne Senior High School, Fairleigh Dickenson University, New Milford High School, Lawrenceville High School, Aura School, Glassboro State Teachers College, Peddie School, Parsippany High School, Battin High School, Theodore Roosevelt School, T.A. Edison School, Ella G. Clarke School, Port Ewen School, Bergenfield High School, Berkeley Heights Regional High School, Boonton Avenue School, Fairlawn High School, Rutgers University, Leap Academy Charter School, Ridgewood High School, Rumson High School, Rumson Elementary School, New Junior High Vocational School, Clifton High School, Johnson School, Cherry Hill High School, Bergenport Chemical Works, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Colgate-Palmolive Company, Commercial Trust Company, Consolidated Traction Company, Ford Motor Company, Revlon, Inc., Hills Brothers Coffee, Inc., Irving Maidman Company, Hudson Companies, Inc., Lever Brothers Company, New York Glucose Company, Spencer Kellogg & Sons, Inc., Warner Sugar Refining Company, American Sugar Refining Company, John Mehl & Company, Inc., Joseph Dixon Crucible Company, Hudson Laundry Company, Jersey City Paper Company, Armour and Company, Berman Industries, American Radiator Company, Schering Corp., Atlantic Loading Company, C&E Canners, Inc., Pine Crest Enterprises, Inc., Whitehall Labs, L.D. Reeder Company, Lawler Electric Company, Wasco Chemical Company, Babcock & Wilcox Company, Baker Castor Oil Company, Bayonne Hospital, Marc Eliz & Aris Corp., New Jersey Bell Telephone Company, Riggs Distler and Company, Inc., United States Rubber Company, Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa), Bronze Powder Works Company, Aberfoyle Manufacturing Company, Hangerford Electric Manufacturing Company, Kellogg Manufacturing Company, Koppers Company, Monsanto Chemical Company, National Waterproof Papers, Inc., Aikler Construction, Barnes Manufacturing Company, Bishop & Babcock Company, Brewster Cocoa Manufacturing Company, Brunswick Laundry, Inc., Martin Dennis Company, Metropolitan Refractories Corp., River Terminal Development Company, Zurn Industries, Butler Brothers Building, Bridgeton Condensed Milk Company, Argo Mills Company, National Spring Company, Natural Products Refining Company, Passaic Zinc Works, Penn Central Transportation Company, Riegel Sack Company, Camden, Gloucester and Woodbury Electric Railroad Company, GAF Corp., Harshaw Chemical Company, Hinde & Dauche Paper Company, New Jersey Zinc Company, Ruberoid Company, Badger Manufacturing Company, Peoples Gas Company, Whitney Glass Works, John Repp Ice and Cold Storage Company, Heyden Newport Chemical Corp., Hatco Corp., W.R. Grace and Company, Bridgeton Electric Company, E. Pritchard, Inc., Fuchs Lang Manufacturing Company, Elizabethtown Water Company, Hudson Electric Light Company, M.W. Kellogg Company, Lafayette Provision Company, Lembeck and Betz Eagle Brewing Company, Lorillard Tobacco Company, Midland-Ross Company, Mutual Chemical Corporation of America, National Air Cell Covering Company, Trubek Laboratories, Inc., Chamberlain Corp., Defense Plant Corp., Hunt Foods, Inc., Jersey Package Company, Edward F. Terry Manufacturing Company, Martin Dyeing and Finishing Company, Owens Illinois Glass Company, C. Heidt and Son, C.F. Mueller Company, P.J. Ritter Conserve Company, Seabrook Farms, Clark Thread Company, BASF, Congoleum Nairn, Inc., Summit Scientific Company, Unimatic Manufacturing Company, Vulcan Materials Company, Combination Rubber Manufacturing Company, Public Service Production Company, Allied Chemical Corp., Diehl Manufacturing Company, Fisher Scientific Company, Kimberly-Clark Corp., Dry Ice Corporation of America, Elizabeth Brewing Company, American Cyanamid Corp., Bakelite Company, Bound Brook Crushed Stone Company, Calco Chemical Company, Tung Sol Electric, Inc., United Cork Company, Ward Baking Company, Path Film Corp., Municipal Maintenance Company, General Tire & Rubber Company, Sunrise of Cherry Hill, Short Hill Deli, Rubberoid Company, Sherwin-Williams Company, Standard Paint Company, United Electric Company of New Jersey, Union Carbide Corp., Whiting Corp., Condensite Company of America, Lambersky Poultry, Consolidated Safety Pin Company, Jersey Central Power and Light Company, General Electric Company (GE), General Motors Company (GM), Lehn & Fink Products, Inc., Hudson & Manhattan Railway Company, Simms Magneto Company, Specialties Manufacturing Company, Inc., West Jersey Paper Manufacturing, Sprague Electric Company, Westinghouse Electric Corp., Federal Leather Company, Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, W. & A. Fletcher Company, Workman Company, Inc., Liquid Carbonic Corp., Hercules Power Company, Inc., Taylor-White Extracting Company, U.S. Shipbuilding Corp., Steam Rent, Inc., Universal Rundle Corp., Hoffman Laroche, Inc., Maas and Waldstein Company, Napier and Mitchell Manufacturing Company, Tenneco Chemical Company, Wallace & Tiernan, Inc., Celanese Corp., Giant Tiger Supermarket, American Specialty Products, Westinghouse Lamp Company, South Jersey Gas Company, Hooker Chemical Company, Vespi Construction, Ambassador Hotel, Breakers Hotel, Chalfont-Haddon Hall Hotel, Claridge Hotel, Flamingo Hotel, Lombardy Motel, Norton Hotel, Pagent Hotel, Shellborne Hotel, Fairmont Hotel, Cherry Parke Condos, Consolidated Laundries Corp., Eastern New Jersey Power Company, De Witt Brothers and Company, Welsbach Company, Domestic Linen Supply Company, Dodger and Olcott Company, Loizeaux Builders Supply, Magruder Color Corp., Morey La Rue Laundry Company, Nuodex Products Company, Peter J. Schweitzer, Inc., Tennessee Eastman Company, Dorado Oil Works, Edible Oils Company, Humble Oil & Refinery Company, Edison Lamp Company, Engelhard Corp., Federal Telephone & Radio Corp., Stewart Hartsborn Company, Hunt Wesson Foods, Inc., ICI America, Inc., Ingram-Richardson Corp., International Nickel Company, Baldt Anchor & Chain Company, Church Brick Company, Murport Chemical Company, Stephan Fermentation Chemicals, Inc., A. Wilson & Company, John Boyle and Company, National Gypsum Company, United States Gypsum Corp. (USG), Occidental Chemical Corp., Polyone Corp., Florence Pipe Foundry & Machine Company, R.D. Wood Company, Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSE&G), Rheem Manufacturing Company, Riverside Metal Company, U.S. Pipe & Foundry Company, Lombard Ayres and Company, Norton & Sons Printing, A. P. Smith Company, Nucoa Butter Company, Reichhold Chemicals, Inc., Simmons Company, Singer Manufacturing Company, Storehouse Bayway Refinery, Thomas & Betts Corp., Warner Quinlau Asphalt Company, Suburban Electric Company, W. Ames Company, W.O. Davey and Sons, Thermatomic Carbon Company, Fisher Baking Company, Corn Products Company, New Jersey Power & Light Company, Norda Essentials Oils & Chemical Company, Schiavone-Bonomo Corp., Bordentown Reformatory, Clinton Reformatory, Circuit Foil Company, Ballard Sprague & Thomas Company, Inc., Du Pont Powder Company, Eastern Dynamite Company, Repauno Construction, Alex Chasey & Sons, F.H. Kalbfleisch Corp., Jenkins Rubber Company, General Analine and Film Corporation (GAF), John Stephenson Company, American Dredging Company, Atlantic Match Company, C.W. Breneman Company, Inc., Camden Coke Company, Camden County Highway Department, Camden County Courthouse, Bergen County Courthouse, Union County Courthouse, Johansen Company, Cadillac Dog Food, Atlantic Dynamite Company, Giant Manufacturing Company, American Gas and Electric Company, Glidden Company, Jersey Central Tractor Company, Rendrock Powder Company, Monmouth Lighting Company, Monouth Chemical Company, E.I. Du Pont De Nemours Company, Pure Carbonic Corporation, Inc., United Gas Improvement Company, The Rubin Organization, Heyden Chemical Company, Bzura Chemical Company, Camden Forge Company, Camden Grain Company, Camden Heating Company, Camden Iron Works, Carneys Point Works, Chambers Works, Chrome Steel Works, Ulster Iron Works, Camden Paperboard Company, Camden Training and High School, Aeolian Company, L.A. Young Company, Sunoco Products Company, Millen Industries, Farr and Bailey Manufacturing Company, Flintkote Company, Fortsmann and Huffman Company, New York Belting and Packing Company, Pantasote Company, American Metal Treatment Company, Anatrona Chemical Company, Barrett Manufacturing Company, Central Railroad of New Jersey, Marcal Pare Company, New Jersey Worsted Spinning Company, Elizabethtown Consolidated Gas Company, Elizabethtown Gas Light Company, Moore Brothers Company, W. H. Rankin Company, Chemical Manufacturing Company, Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corp. (ACandS, Inc.) Passaic Worsted Spinning Company, Garfield Factory, Paterson Parchment Paper Company, General Contracting Company, J. Eavenson and Sons, Inc., Eastern Carbon Works, Automatic Data Processing (ADP), BNK Restoration Company, Inc., Clifton Paper Board Company, Curtis-Wright Corp., Eureka Textile Design and Printing Company, Erie Elevator Company, Deepwater Light and Power, Joseph Campbell Preserve Company, New Jersey Bell Telephone Company, Joseph L. Lamarra Plumbing, United States Steel Corp., Kind and Knox Gelatin Company, Aluminum Shapes, Inc., Aluminum Smelting Company, Kieckhefer Container Company, Union Paving Company, Curtis Electric Manufacturing Company, Michigan Consolidated Gas Company, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp., Sandoz Pharmaceutical Corp., Campbell Soup Company, Fritzsche Brothers, Inc., Samuel L. Moore and Sons Corp., Givaudan Flavors Corp., Good Path Oil Cloth Company, Pan American Sulphur Company, Seaboard By-Products Company, Miles Chemical Company, Shulton, Inc., Takamine Laboratory, Inc., Waldrich Bleachery, Asiatic Petroleum Company, General Chemical Company, Eureka Fire Hose Manufacturing Company, Whippany Paper Board Company, Woolsulate Corp., Industrial Liquid Chemical Company, Cities Services Oil Company, Continental Candy Corp., Caraustar Industries, J.R. Evans Leather, Clayburn Engineering, Corsa Management Corp., RTC Shipbuilding, Wecoline Products Company, International Harvester Company, Petroleum Transportation Company, Geo Specialty Chemicals, Inc., Penn Jersey Welding Company, Snare and Triest Company, Standard Laundry Company, Inc., MacAndrews & Forbes, Orfood Copper Company, Goldschmidt Detinning Company, Pacific Coast Borax Company, Pharma Chemical Corp., Cadbury Retirement Center, American Agricultural Chemical Company, 3M Company, A and M Karagheusian, Inc., F.B. Poss Company, George Fangmann, Inc., George Stafford Oakum Company, Haggis Greek-American Confectionary Company, Halstead and Company, Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company, Nestle Company, Inc., Hillcrest Health Service System, Inc., American Oil Company, Continental Can Company (CCC), Rutherford Chemical Corp., Safety Insulated Wire and Cable Company, Garden State Paper Company, Western Union Company, Whitlock Cordage Company, Hamersley Manufacturing Company, Hammerschlag Manufacturing Company, Standard Motor Construction Company, Standard Wet Wash Laundry Company, UGI Corp., Union Terminal Cold Storage Company, Verona Corporation, Amerace Corp., Radio Corporation of America (RCA), Royal Cocoa Company, Delamar Copper Refining Company, FMC Corp., American Gas & Chemical Company, Anaconda Copper Mining Company, Atha Illingworth Steel Works, Bayway Refinery, Chile Exploration Company, Crucible Steel Company of America, Dresser Pump Industries, Inc., Textile Dyeing Company of America, Inc., Driver-Harris Wire Company, Worthington Pump and Machinery Corp., Hartz Mountain Corp., Harrison Works, Hodgman Rubber Company, International Steam Pump Company, John H. Cooney, Inc., Robert A. Keasbey Company, Inc., Swift & Company, Whiting Corp., Woburn Decreasing Company, Kentile Floors. Inc., Marine Engine & Machine Company, Otis Elevator Company, General American Tank and Storage Company, Western Electric Company, I.T. Williams and Sons, Liebig Manufacturing Company, Metal and Thermit Corp., Mexican Petroleum Corp., Dover New Jersey Iron Company, Dover, Amerada Hess Corp., PBS, Inc., Rockaway and Port Oram Gas Company, Guenther Mill, Hedden Company, Howmet Corp., Jersey Acoustics & Fireproof, Jersey Central Power & Light Company, Microcast Technologies Corp., National Metal Hose & Tubing Company, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMS), Hatfield Wire & Cable Company, Union Plastics Corp., York Insulation Company, Inc., York Private Siding, National Industrial Laundries, Philadelphia Quartz Company, United States Metals Refining Company, Warner Chemical Company, Westvaco Corp., Wheeler Condenser and Engineering Company, Alorna Coat Corp., American Lead Pencil Company, Bergen Turnpike Company, Bethlehem Steel Corp., Consolidated Iron Works, Construction Aggregates Corp., Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company, Schickhaus Company, Terry & Tench Construction Company, Astaris, LLC, Hightstown Rug Company, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, Public Service Corporation of New Jersey, American Hard Rubber Company, Inmont Corp., Interchemical Corp., New Era Manufacturing Company, A and F Brown Company, Alden S. Swan and Company, F.A. Poth & Sons, Inc., American Can Company, Pequanac Rubber Company, Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Union Powder Corp., American International Chemical Company (AIC), Hackensack Gas Works, Halocarbon Products, Wright Aeronautical Corp., Wesson Oil and Snowdrift Company, Dickman & Hansen, E. F. Drew & Co., Duddy Contracting, Inc., Ebbecke Furniture Company, Elevator Supply and Repair Company, General Foods Corp., Franklin Baker Company, Keuffel and Esser Company, Keystone Dairy Company, National Carbon Company, Jayval Marine Corp., J. Schwarzwalder & Sons, Inc., Hamburg – American Packet Company, Hackensack Water Company, Maxwell House Coffee Plant, North Hudson County Railway Company, North Hudson Light Heat and Power Company, Osborn Flexible Conduit Company, Progressive Silk Finishing Company, R.B. Davis Company, S.M. Meyenberg Silk Works, Forest Hotel Company, Lakewood and Coast Electric Company, Sweets Company of America, Inc., Lakewood Water Light and Power Company, K & G Builders, United States Aluminum Company, General Storage Battery Company, Wheaton Plastics Company, Waverly Terminal Company, Hoboken Land and Improvement Company, General Aniline & Film Corp., Grasselli Chemical Company, New York Shipbuilding Corp., Wigton Abbott Corp., Mahony Troast Construction Company, Standard Marine Services, Inc., Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, Jos. L. Muscarelle, Inc., The Texas Company (Texaco), Pabco Industries, LLC, Tidewater Oil Company, Cape Liberty Cruise Port, Tietjen and Lang Dry Dock Company, Morris Basin Dry Docks Company, Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Company, Tomkins Tidewater Terminal, Camden Shipyard, Bayonne Shipyard, Banks Shipyard, Todd Shipyard, Hoboken Shipyard, Delair Shipyard, New York Naval Shipyard, Military Ocean Terminal, Burlington Army Ammunition Plant, Fort Dix Army Air Force Base (Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst), Bayonne Navy Base, Lakehurst Naval Air Station, Raritan Arsenal and Picatinny Arsenal.

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States with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine and Connecticut. For more information about mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, call (888) 891-2200 or visit

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