The Hub of Innovation and 24/7 Testing Excellence
The Hub of Innovation and 24/7 Testing Excellence

LexxPluss, Kawasaki Lab entrance

LexxPluss, Kawasaki Lab Demo Area

LexxPluss, Kawasaki Lab Demo Area

An insight into the Core of LexxPluss, where Boundaries in Automation Technology are pushed.

KAWASAKI, KANAGAWA, JAPAN, June 6, 2024 / — LexxPluss, Inc., a Japanese startup dedicated to addressing industry challenges through automation and advanced technologies, is pleased to spotlight its headquarters, Kawasaki Lab. While the relocation to this facility took place in August 2023, LexxPluss is excited to provide insight into the core of the company.

The main testing and research center:

Kawasaki Lab serves as the epicenter of innovation for LexxPluss. Designed with the future in mind, the facility boasts modern amenities, facilitates research and development, and has undergone extensive renovations, reflecting the company’s ongoing commitment to technological advancement.

LexxPluss operates a rigorous 24/7 testing system at Kawasaki Lab to maintain the highest standards of product quality and reliability. This continuous testing allows the company to promptly identify and address issues, ensuring customer satisfaction.

A Sneak Peek Into the Technology:

LexxPluss offers a unique opportunity for interested parties to experience its automation solution firsthand. At Kawasaki Lab, the facility features dedicated spaces for robotics testing and collaborative work, fostering creativity and teamwork among employees. Free demos can be booked through the website contact form under “Book a Demo” or by contacting the company via email.

Offering a facility for free demos ensures transparency, builds trust, and helps stakeholders make informed decisions about integrating LexxPluss’s advanced solutions into their operations.
Free demos can be booked for both Japan and the US through the website contact form under “Book A Demo”.

About LexxPluss:

LexxPluss aims to solve the challenges of the logistics and manufacturing industries that support Japan’s infrastructure, with the mission of “accelerating the evolution towards autonomous industrial infrastructure.” Currently, they develop, manufacture, and sell robotics and automation products that will become the next-generation industrial infrastructure, such as the Autonomous Mobile Robot “Lexx500,” the robot integrated control system “LexxFleet,” and the “LexxTug,” which can automatically convey roll pallet cages basket carts and 6-wheel trolleys without modification.

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