TELF AG Publishes Article about the Opportunities in an Evolving Market Cobalt Market
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TELF AG is at the forefront of addressing the challenges of this essential mineral’s sustainability and supply.

The current landscape of cobalt demand is rapidly evolving due to the exponential growth of the electric vehicle market.”


LUGANO, TICINO, SWITZERLAND, August 14, 2023/ — Cobalt, a cornerstone of modern technological advancement, is gaining widespread attention for its integral role in the electric and battery industries. As the demand for cobalt continues to surge, TELF AG, a prominent international physical commodities trader, is at the forefront of addressing the challenges associated with this essential mineral’s sustainability and supply.

According to TELF AG, the current landscape of cobalt demand is rapidly evolving due to the exponential growth of the electric vehicle market. The mineral’s significance in producing lithium-ion batteries, the lifeblood of electric vehicles, has catapulted cobalt into a pivotal position within the global economy.

TELF AG states that the future of cobalt production has its challenges. The company emphasizes that the escalating demand for cobalt is placing unprecedented pressure on the supply chain, sparking concerns about potential shortages that could disrupt various industries reliant on this critical resource.

As per TELF AG’s recent article, the company is an advocate of efforts to meet these challenges head-on. TELF AG explores innovative solutions, including the development of advanced recycling technologies. This initiative seeks to mitigate the demand for new cobalt and alleviate pressure on finite resources by enabling cobalt recovery from used batteries.

According to TELF AG, an alternative pathway lies in embracing cutting-edge battery technologies. Traditional lithium-ion batteries, such as those containing nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC), heavily rely on cobalt. However, the company highlights the viability of cobalt-free alternatives like lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries, which offer enhanced safety and sustainability.

The success of these initiatives, as TELF AG emphasizes, is intrinsically tied to the trajectory of the electric vehicle market’s growth. The company firmly believes collaboration, innovation, and adaptation are paramount for shaping a sustainable future for cobalt.

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