Permutable AI launches Supply Chain Links Monitor amid 2024’s regulatory, consumer, and financial challenges

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Permutable AI launches Supply Chain Links Monitor in response to heightened regulatory, consumer, and financial forces.

LONDON, – NONE -, UNITED KINGDOM , January 15, 2024 / — As businesses and finance professionals gear up for the challenges of 2024, Permutable AI has launched its Supply Chain Links Monitor, emerging as a key player in navigating a confluence of factors, making robust due diligence practices crucial for success. The intersection of regulatory pressure, consumer and investor awareness, financial and operational risks, technological advancements, and global interconnectedness underscores the vital role of Permutable AI’s innovative tool in enhancing supply chain intelligence.

Stricter Legislation: The implementation of stringent due diligence laws, such as the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act in the EU, is placing heightened obligations on businesses. Non-compliance could result in substantial fines and reputational damage.

Increased Scrutiny: Regulatory bodies are intensifying their focus on supply chain transparency and ethical sourcing, prompting businesses to proactively demonstrate responsible practices.

Transparency Demands: Consumers are increasingly conscious of ethical sourcing and demand responsible practices from the brands they support. Transparency and ethical sourcing are becoming key differentiators in today’s competitive landscape.

The integration of ESG factors into investment decisions means businesses demonstrating due diligence efforts are likely to attract more significant interest and secure better funding opportunities.

This innovative product offers three tiers of enterprise relationships, delivering real-time feeds, customizable data windows, and enhanced supply chain transparency. Permutable AI’s Supply Chain Links Monitor provides invaluable insights for sector supplier breakdowns, threat analysis, relationship investigation, and more.

“With Supply Chain Links Monitor, professionals can navigate the complexities of the supply chain landscape with unparalleled precision and transparency. It’s not just about monitoring suppliers; it’s about shaping the future of supply chain intelligence and fostering a more sustainable and compliant business environment,” says Wilson Chan, founder & CEO at Permutable AI.

This breakthrough solution is available now empowering businesses to make informed decisions, achieve a new level of transparency in their supply chains and business decisions and take a more proactive approach to protecting their brand reputation.

Product Specification for Permutable AI’s Supply Chain Links Monitor Solution:

Key features include real-time feeds, API access, and customizable date windows, providing users with timely and relevant information. The product supports a variety of use-cases, from sector supplier breakdowns to supplier threat analysis, making it an invaluable tool for decision-makers.

The free version provides access to first tier supplier and customer relationships, based on data scanned from 50,000 websites with a sample data set of 118 companies and respective company announcements to explore. Use-cases encompass sector supplier breakdowns, identifying threats and opportunities, investigating supplier relationships, and analyzing source data.

The business version provides access to first and second tier supplier and customer relationships, based on data scanned from 50,000 websites and a data set of 5,000 companies and respective company announcements. The business version introduces a taxonomy filter that includes environmental, social, governance, and business categories, with access to full-page extracts, customizable date window and use-cases extended to cover new supplier announcements and M&A due diligence.

In the enterprise version, the relationship type includes suppliers and customers, along with Regulators, allowing for a more comprehensive and unlimited network degree. The scanning capabilities increase significantly to 250,000 websites, providing information on 200,000 available companies. The taxonomy filter is expanded to include all categories, with the option for further customization. Extracts scanned continue to be entire pages with both real-time feed and API access, with a customizable date window. The use-cases mirror those of the business version,

All versions, across Free, Business, and Enterprise, share common use-cases such as sector supplier breakdowns, identifying threats and opportunities, investigating supplier relationships, analyzing source data, and handling new supplier announcements. Additional features like M&A due diligence and tracking are specific to the business and enterprise versions, highlighting the increasing capabilities with each tier.

Supply Chain Links Monitor is now available for businesses seeking a comprehensive and flexible solution to optimize their supply chain due diligence.

About Permutable AI:

Permutable AI operates as an active participant in the field of artificial intelligence, placing a strong emphasis on responsible innovation that takes into account global challenges and societal well-being. As an award-winning leader in the field of AI-powered market intelligence, Permutable AI aims to contribute meaningfully by aligning their innovations with ethical considerations and societal needs with a commitment to responsible AI development that goes beyond technology, reflecting a holistic perspective that values positive societal outcomes and a sustainable future. At Permutable AI, we believe in the transformative power of innovation for the greater good, working towards a future where AI positively contributes to the well-being of society.

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