OAGi Unveils connectSpec 10.11
OAGi Unveils connectSpec 10.11

The Ultimate Interoperability Standard

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — OAGi, the global leader in integration standards, proudly announces the official release of connectSpec 10.11. This groundbreaking update builds upon the legacy of the versions before it, which served as the bedrock for seamless data exchange across enterprises and industries from 1995 to present.

What Is connectSpec?

connectSpec, the world’s most interoperable integration standard, empowers companies to transcend boundaries and streamline their processes. Whether you’re in manufacturing, logistics, aerospace & defense, agriculture, finance, or any other sector, connectSpec ensures harmonious data flow across myriad contexts.

Key Features of connectSpec 10.11:

1. Expanded BODs (Business Object Documents): connectSpec 10.11 introduces eagerly awaited message types, including:
o Location Master: Simplify management of location information down to the individual work center.
o Business Partner Party Master: Support for unique vendor related information for successful information trading relationships.
o Equipment Master: Optimize asset management for manufacturing and reporting.
o S-Sereis S6000T Interoperability: This release concludes the interoperability and alignment with the training needs and analysis portion of the S-Series specification.

2. ISO Conformance: connectSpec adheres rigorously to ISO standards, including ISO 15000-5 and ISO 5054-1. This ensures global compatibility and robustness.

3. Tooling and Best Practices: OAGi offers connectCenter, allowing for streamlined workflow and best practices to help companies harness connectSpec’s full potential efficiently. Rapid adoption and focused implementation are now within reach.

4. Broad Applicability: connectSpec serves as the backbone for countless companies worldwide. From ERP systems to smart manufacturing, it seamlessly bridges gaps and accelerates digital transformation.

Get Started with connectSpec 10.11:

Ready to unlock unparalleled interoperability? Visit the OAGi.org to explore the standard, download resources, and embark on a new era of seamless data exchange.
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About OAGi: OAGi (Open Applications Group, Inc.) is a non-profit consortium dedicated to advancing business process interoperability through standards, ontologies, and collaborative efforts. Our mission is to empower organizations worldwide by fostering seamless data exchange and innovation.

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