New B2B Portal For Industrial Metal Products Businesses

The Piping Mart

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, September 14, 2023/ — A revolutionary B2B marketplace for piping materials has been launched, set to redefine the global landscape of the industry. This groundbreaking platform enhances transparency in the steel metal and piping business, allowing buyers and sellers to interact directly.

What sets this platform apart is its ability to facilitate direct dealings between dealers and buyers without third-party interference. The main objective is to foster growth among businesses and connect them with global customers.

What does the PipingMart offer?

This portal is a boon for manufacturers, sellers, or producers of products, offering them a platform to sell their goods. Open to both national and international users, it fosters the expansion of business empires. From the buyer’s perspective, they can directly contact the sellers, ensuring they get products at competitive prices. With many options available, buyers can compare and select the best option that suits their needs.

With approximately 10,000 different product categories/subcategories currently, efforts are underway to increase the customer flow on the platform. The team is working diligently to attract more sellers and producers, aiming to reach over 5000 suppliers with a product quantity of more than 20000 shortly. This will significantly boost the growth of its users and attract daily traffic of over 50,000 users.

Why trust this B2B portal?

• Low-cost project: Creating a business listing on the portal is an affordable investment compared to other advertising methods. The portal offers free services to everyone, be it a seller or buyer. The portal also provides premium features for sellers, enabling them to target specific areas and buyers, enhancing their business visibility.

• Safety First: The portal employs a rigorous verification process, filtering out spam bots and other threats, ensuring a safe and secure platform for all users.

• Filtered Search: The portal’s filtration feature allows users to target specific companies, aligning growth strategies effectively.

• Reduction in cost and safeguarding from waste: B2B portals are highly specific, directing audiences with relevant search results. This genuinely increases search engine results in your favour.

The platform also offers specific results regarding exports and imports when an online selling strategy is correctly implemented. The platform will address administrative challenges and other problems, providing insights into engagements and traffic for your products.

About ThePipingMart:

ThePipingMart is an information portal for metal businesses where local and global businesses can connect and grow. It serves as a comprehensive directory for piping materials, offering a platform for buyers and sellers to interact directly. The Piping Mart is designed to help businesses expand their reach and connect with a global audience. For more information, visit

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