Mintec Unveils Cost Model Forecasts with the Launch of Mintec Analytics 4.5


Cost Model Forecast

The latest version of Mintec Analytics 4.5, provides businesses with precise Cost Model Forecasts capabilities to enhance their cost management strategies.

Cost Model Forecasts empowers businesses with greater accuracy in predicting prices changes to finished product SKUs that drive profitability and preserve competitiveness.”

— Spencer Wicks, CEO of Mintec

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 25, 2023 / — Mintec, the leading global provider of pricing data and intelligence for the agrifood industry, is pleased to announce the release of Mintec Analytics 4.5, featuring the addition of Cost Model Forecasts. This latest release extends the platform’s capabilities, ensuring users have greater visibility and control over the impact of future price changes that will affect the costs of the products they buy, sell, and use. The addition of this capability revolutionizes how businesses navigate the impact of future market volatility on their costs, offering unparalleled precision in predicting and adapting their strategy to raw material price fluctuations.

“Cost Model Forecasts empowers businesses with greater accuracy in predicting prices changes to finished product SKUs that drive profitability and preserve competitiveness,” said Spencer Wicks, CEO of Mintec. “This release emphasizes Mintec’s continued commitment to creating price visibility for our customers.”

With Mintec Analytics 4.5, users can now harness accurate commodity price forecasts that leverage our advanced methodology combining fundamental, macro and technical analyses along with analytical algorithms to generate precise and reliable price predictions. These predictions form the foundation of robust cost models, enabling businesses to track the impact of changing raw material costs on individual products. Procurement professionals can optimize their decision-making, negotiate more favourable contracts, and maintain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Key Features of Mintec Analytics 4.5:

– Accurate Price Predictions: Advanced predictive methodology provides precise and reliable forecasts, empowering businesses to make informed decisions.
– Enhanced Cost Models: Track the influence of fluctuating raw material costs on specific products, allowing for more targeted cost management.
– Optimized Procurement: Streamline procurement processes by negotiating better contracts and securing advantageous terms.
– Competitive Edge: Stay ahead in dynamic markets by proactively adapting to changing price trends.
– Boost Profitability: Maximize profitability with Mintec’s strategic cost management.

“We’re excited to introduce Cost Model Forecasts in Mintec Analytics 4.5,” said Luana Clapis, Chief Data Officer at Mintec. “This powerful addition empowers businesses to not only predict price trends but also effectively manage costs and enhance profitability.”

Mintec Analytics 4.5 with Cost Model Forecasts is now available to all Mintec subscribers. For more information, visit

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