GoML, a top AWS GenAI Partner, onboards one of the largest Steel Manufacturers to increase Operational Efficiency by 20%
GoML, a top AWS GenAI Partner, onboards one of the largest Steel Manufacturers to increase Operational Efficiency by 20%

The project involves leveraging GenAI to streamline Demand Planning by implementing intelligent Data Recommendation agents.

CXOs have realised off the shelf models won’t suffice. Techniques like RAG need to be leveraged for building business viable usecases, which is a niche that GoML has developed in last 1 year.”

— Rishabh Sood

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — GoML, a New York HQed niche GenAI solutions provider, has signed a major contract with a Global Steel Manufacturing giant. The project aims at leveraging Generative AI to revolutionize the manufacturer’s raw material procurement process & bring in double digit operational efficiency.

As one of North America’s top 10 AWS Generative AI partners & a launch partner for the AWS GenAI Competency , GoML leverages Large Language Models to solve complex problems for their clients. In just 1 year, GoML has built a moat in the competitive GenAI market, with its unique implementation strategy. Leveraging 12 proven LLM Boilerplates, GoML build GenAI applications 80% faster, delivering pilots in less than 8 weeks. With a proven track record of delivering 50+ Generative AI-powered and showing prowess in Financial Services and Healthcare & Life Sciences industries, this contract marks an entry into the complex world of Manufacturing.

The Usecase

The $68 billion steel manufacturing conglomerate buys raw materials from hundreds of suppliers worldwide. As a critical supplier of steel to large manufacturers, it’s crucial for the company to smoothly connect the product requirements to the raw materials needed. Currently, the manufacturer depends on detailed daily reports covering various supply chain aspects, including material quality, quantity, manufacturing plant capacity, and time to convert to the end product. Although these reports are helpful, their complexity makes them hard for leadership and planning teams to interpret.

GoML teamed up with AWS to use Bedrock (AWS’ managed service for running GenAI workloads) to make a Data Analytics and Recommendations GenAI agent. This innovative solution is designed to bridge the gap between data and decision-making, enabling leadership and planning teams to understand complex data in natural language. It provides real-time insights and data-based demand planning suggestions, potentially enhancing the client’s operational efficiency by at least 20%.

“As the world comes to terms with GenAI & actual business use cases emerge, industry leaders are realizing that off the shelf models will not solve the business problem. Techniques like RAG are turning out to be powerful tools to extract value from these Large Language Models (LLMs). This is where niche GenAI focused partners like GoML are adding value to the client’s ecosystem.” said Rishabh Sood, Founder of GoML.

GoML has proven capabilities in the world of GenAI, engaging with industry leaders, including one of the largest Credit Analysis agencies and the biggest Roads Network organization in Dubai.

Visit www.goml.io, to read about the cutting edge work they’ve been doing in the world of Generative AI.

About GoML

GoML, a New York HQed company, is a niche GenAI Solutions provider. With expertise of delivering 50+ GenAI powered usecases across Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Manufacturing industries, they engage with clients to fast track GenAI adoption by building production-ready pilots in 8 weeks. Engaged with some of the largest logos, including the largest Credits Assessment agency & a $4+ B SI, GoML is among the top 10 GenAI AWS Partners in North America.

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