Functional Gauge Wheels On A Scrape Blade

Gauge Wheels Shown On Landscape Rake

User friendly gauge wheels to improve scrape blade performance.

CONOVER, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, October 3, 2023 / — For years people have been trying to find the best way to level their scrape blades for the best grading or snow removal. Adjusting the top link of your tractor to do this is generally not the most convenient way to make the fine adjustments needed when grading. Ted Corriher, founder of Everything Attachments has designed a way for users to get a consistent grade with their scrape blades whether it be for snow clearing or fine grading. Using these new gauge wheels to adjust each wheel independently in the same way a top link is adjusted makes more sense than the often hard to adjust other tail wheel designs. The new way is more user friendly, saves material, and with a simple move of a pin can be put into a storage position instead of removing them, saving replacement costs due to other wheel designs being left behind on the job.

When you look at this simplicity of the gauge wheels now available on most earthmoving attachments from Everything Attachments you will first wonder why it hasn’t been done before. The dual tail wheels are locked in place by top link pins that “turnbuckle” to adjust the height. You can set each one to the same height, or lower one side down and make consistent sloped cuts with ease. Adding this functionality makes final grading so easy since you can lift and lower your 3 point hitch and end up with the same results time after time.

On the brackets that are now standard on almost all earth working attachments available for purchase at Everything Attachments there is a specific adjustment hole to allow the gauge wheels to be quickly moved completely vertical for out of the way storage. This feature was added to prevent users from leaving the gauge wheels behind on jobs where they weren’t needed and removed.

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