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Elephant Robotics recently made a significant impact at Maker Faire in Tokyo, Gitex Global in Dubai, and the Higher Education Expo in China.

Thrilled to share our success from three recent exhibitions, where we showcased our flagship products: the myCobot series, the lifelike robotic pet, and robotics education solutions.”

— Joey Song, CEO of Elephant Robotics

SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG , CHINA, October 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In recent times, there has been a proliferation of international technology exhibitions taking place worldwide. This aligns seamlessly with Elephant Robotics‘s unwavering commitment to seeking platforms for showcasing its remarkable innovations to a global audience. From October 12th to 20th, Elephant Robotics actively participated in three prominent exhibitions: the Maker Faire in Tokyo, the Gitex Global in Dubai an the Higher Education Expo in China. These world-class technology exhibitions have provided invaluable and remarkable experiences for the company, solidifying its presence on the global tech stage.
Maker Faire Tokyo 2023, an exhibition centered around maker culture and innovative technology, seeks to promote exchanges and cooperation in various fields. Elephant Robotics had the privilege of partnering with SwitchScience to establish the exhibition that allowed them to reach global audiences and maker communities.
Elephant Robotics featured a series of robotic products, such as 6 DOF robotic arm, myCobot 280 Pi, and mechArm 270 M5, 7 DOF robotic arm,myArm 300 Pi, The Artificial Intelligence Kit 2023, Metacat, myAGV 2023, and the highly-anticipated accessory Dexterous Hand. The event was also the debut stage for two newly introduced lifelike interative robotic pets, MetaDog and MetaPanda.
Maker Faire Tokyo 2023 witnessed an overwhelming turnout, with more than 600 visitors interacting with Elephant Robotics’s robotic products. Elephant Robotics’s booth attracted a constant stream of fans who were eager to witness Elephant Robotics’s latest advancements in robotics technology. The myCobot 280 Pi, with its compact size and precise control, appealed to many makers and hobbyists looking for a affordable versatile 6 DOF robotic arm for their projects. The myCobot 280 can be used to simulate a human arm, enabling diverse scenarios such as playing musical instruments, taking photos and videos, and even playing games. It’s an ideal choice in automated production lines due to its versatility and precision. Besides, it empowers researchers to conduct experiments in many fields, particularly in dangerous areas. The demonstration of myCobot 280 Pi and the newly upgraded myAGV 2023 combined as a collaborative robot was also very practical and interesting, attracting many entrepreneurs who want to utilize collaborative robots to improve work efficiency in their companies.
These robotic products captured the attention of most visitors due to their wide range of scenario applications. The pre-sale launch of myAGV 2023 and lifelike interative robotic pets, MetaDog and MetaPanda, was an unmitigated success, generating approximately 300,000 USD in sales. Joey Song, CEO of Elephant Robotics, expressed his excitement about participating in the Maker Faire and sharing their latest innovations with theglobal maker community. He emphasized how Elephant Robotics’s robotic arms and interative robotic pets reflect their unwavering commitment to creating advanced technologies that improve people’s quality of life and unlock new possibilities across various industries.
Subsequently, Elephant Robotics then moved on to the Gitex Global Expo, where it stood out prominently among the world’s most innovative enterprises with its consumer-grade robotic products. The Gitex Global Expo, widely recognized as one of the largest and most influential technology events in the Middle East. In 2023, Gitex Global Expo embraced the theme “The Year to Imagine AI in Everything”.
At Gitex 2023, Elephant Robotics showcased a remarkable range of consumer-grade products, leaving a lasting impression on visitors from different industries. The featured lineup included robotic companion pets Metacat, Marscat, and 6 DOF robotic arm, myCobot 280, 6 DOF robotic arm, myCobot 320, MechArm 270, and myAGV. These robotic products cater to extensive applications and sectors and they highlighted the versatility and adaptability of Elephant Robotics’s offerings.
Among the showcased products, Marscat and Metacat emerged as true showstoppers, captivating the hearts and minds of expo-goers. For many visitors in the Middle East, encountering such interactive robotic companions was an entirely new experience, sparking a wave of enthusiasm and curiosity throughout the exhibition. The realistic movements, expressive features, and engaging interactions offered by Marscat and Metacat set them apart as standout attractions, leaving attendees in awe.
Marscat and Metacat have revolutionized the concept of robotic companionship. Designed to mimic the behavior and appearance of real cats, these robotic pets with the ability of responding to touch and making purring sounds offer a lifelike experience that resonates with individuals seeking companionship and support. Through live interactions, visitors found that these lifelike robotic pets could play an important role in giving to children, empty-nest parents, the elderly living alone, and dementia and autism populations and then placed orders. Hunter Chen, CMO of Elephant Robotics, emphasized that Gitex Global provided a tremendous opportunity for Elephant Robotics to establish deeper connections with customers in the Middle East, gaining valuable insights into their needs and interests.  

Moreover, at the Higher Education Expo, Elephant Robotics continued to impress with a range of robotic products, including Metacat, Marscat, myArm 300, MechArm 270, myBuddy 280, myCobot Connect 4 Kit, the myCobot 320 AI Kit 2023, and the Compound Robot Kit. The Higher Education Expo, a highly esteemed annual exhibition in China, is dedicated to higher education.


Elephant Robotics’s booth became a hub of activity, with visitors flocking to explore the company’s affordable, user-friendly, and easy-to-use robotics education solutions. Their accessibility and practicality make them an ideal choice for higher educational institutions seeking innovative tools. During the exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to witness on-site demonstrations that showcased the innovative functions and usage scenarios of Elephant Robotics’s robotics education solutions. These demonstrations provided valuable insights into how the solutions could be seamlessly integrated into various educational settings, attracted many professors, teachers, and representatives from major institutions of higher education institutions. They expressed keen interest in exploring future collaborations and incorporating Elephant Robotics’ technology into their curricula. At the Higher Education Expo, Elephant Robotics established friendly relationships with many universities and higher educational institutions.


The success of Elephant Robotics at these exhibitions can be attributed to their innovative and accessible approach to robotics. By prioritizing affordability, user-friendliness, and adaptability, Elephant Robotics’s commitment of enhancing the quality of life through robotics is evident in their focus on robotics education solutions and the development of robotic arms and robotic pets.

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